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5 Tech Innovations for Managing Virtual Events

Regardless of whether you are a freelance event planner or work for a company and plan corporate events, your job is to make that event run as smoothly and flawlessly as possible. That means understanding the reason for the company event, how many people are expected to attend, and having enough hands on deck to make the event run seamlessly. It also means being prepared for a virtual event that is just as rewarding if that becomes necessary. Continue reading to discover some tips for events planners and five tech innovations that are beneficial for virtual events.

The last several months have shown us not only how fast life can change but also how fast we need to adapt to that change. Instead of working in the office and attending the in-person annual conferences, many companies opted for safety and made conferences just as engaging on a virtual platform.

Staying ahead of the curve and knowing what technology is available to make corporate virtual events run smoothly is the main objective in the planner’s life. Therefore, here are some tech innovations for making sure your virtual events go off without a glitch.


Chatbots are computer programs that simulate a human conversation. They allow humans to interact with digital devices and those conversations have all the feelings of conversations between two humans. Chatbots can communicate in simple one-line sentences or sequential conversation. Chatbots are sometimes called digital assistants because they learn to gather and process information progressively

In terms of a virtual event, chatbots allow attendees to ask questions in real-time. That means, even when someone is presenting, the chatbot will help the event attendee by providing an answer. In addition, chatbot services are typically available 24/7 and can answer questions about the itinerary or any other information involving the event.

Video Mapping Software

Video mapping software is software used with a digital projector. This technology is used to transform objects into display surfaces for projecting videos. Although new to the virtual event scene, this kind of projection has been done since the 60s by Walt Disney and others making movies. It is not intended to fool someone to believe the video is happening in real-time, however, it is engaging and delightful for the audience to see something different.

Overall Management

Keeping track of the attendees who have registered for your event and the timeline of all the speakers at your event is vital. Event Management Software is essential for trade exhibitions, conventions, and other meetings. This tech software is designed to keep track of registrants, payments, agendas, and more. Other benefits of event management software include:

  • Automation – Everything from email outreach to payments to registration is done on an automated system. That includes “thank you” emails when the process is complete.
  • Improved Engagement – the streamlined platform makes it easier for members to engage.
  • Snapshotting – A system that allows you to target prospects that have registered and those who need an additional push. It allows you to track more precisely.
  • Professionalism – Allows the event planner to get a handle on issues before they become larger and solves them quickly.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces allow companies who are looking for freelancers to work at their events to apply for jobs. These systems cover all types of jobs for conferences and events such as registration, entertainment, videographers, and so forth. Online marketplaces serve as a matchmaker between companies and freelancers. On online marketplaces, both corporations and freelancers have the option to leave reviews and comments.

Audience Engagement Software

Audience engagement software allows presentations to be interactive and shareable. It lets presenters and organizers interact with the audience by having live polls, quizzes, Q&A, and surveys during the session. There are multiple methods of getting answers and the systems used can display results and so forth. Some other benefits of audience engagement software for virtual events are:

  • It increases the audience’s retention.
  • Hosts and event planners get instant feedback for future events.
  • It creates a culture of inclusivity.

As you have read, the need to change from an in-person event to a virtual event can happen rapidly. For a freelance planner or a corporate event planner, there are innovative tech items that can make the virtual event run smoothly and seamlessly. Five of those are above and they will take your virtual event to higher levels.

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