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Google’s OS may not be as straightforward as Apple’s iOS, but it’s certainly more interesting if you are willing to dig deeper and understand a few things. Android OS is the most popular OS surpassing even Windows and macOS. Google always keeps the OS fresh and interesting, and some OEMs like Samsung that use the platform add their own tweaks every now and then. However, you can hack how to stay smart using your Android smartphone. Here are some features that may help.

  1. Android 11 has Digital Wellbeing features 

Many of us stay on our phones for longer hours and have no regard for when to put them down. Android’s Bedtime Mode is a Wellbeing feature that can remind you that it’s time to put your phone down and get some sleep. When set, the feature puts your phone on silence and dims the screen (turns it to black-and-white) in case you have to use your phone after hours. Another feature that keeps tabs on your wellbeing is the Focus Mode on some Android phones. The feature silences all the noisy apps and mutes all incoming notifications. You can turn this feature on when you need to work.

  • Link your Android Phone to Windows 10

Did you know you can continue using and enjoying your favorite apps on your desktop computer even without your phone? To do this, you need to set up the Your Phone app on your desktop. It’s easy to do. Just go to settings and choose “Setting app’s Phone” add your phone, and you’ll be off and running. With the app, you can make calls, send text messages and use your photos on your PC. Some phones will even allow you to run multiple Android apps on your desktop. If you don’t have Windows 10, you can also use an emulator like BlueStacks on macOS.

  • Uninstall apps that take up unnecessary space

Even though most Android phones come with preinstalled apps, not everyone uses some of these apps. You may want to keep maps, email, or browser, because you need them, but some apps included by phone vendors can be uninstalled or disabled. You can long-press the app’s icon and choose uninstall or disable. Unfortunately, some stock apps cannot be uninstalled. However, you can choose to hide them from the interface and free up some resources by disabling them.

  • You can remotely install an app on your phone 

This is the one huge advantage of Android phones over iPhones. Since you can access Google Play on the web, you can remotely install apps on your phone. You only need to ensure that you are signed in to the same account you use on your phone. Another great thing is that you’ll see all your Android devices listed if you have multiple devices using the same account. This is a great convenience for when you stumble on an app when browsing on your computer and don’t want to use the phone to find the app.

  • You can install apps that aren’t on Google Play

Even though most people will find any app they need on Google Play, you can download and install it from other sources if you need something that isn’t there. Again this is a feature only reserved for Android OS. iOS only allows apps from Apple’s App Store. You can find apps from the Amazon store or use some from the phone maker’s store. You can also download APK files from the web and install them on your phone. However, be careful where you download third-party apps. Do some research first before downloading your app. If not, you risk infecting your phone with malware.

  • Bubble Conversations in Messages

This is another awesome feature that comes with the latest Android OS – Android 11. This feature allows you to customize message notifications by prioritizing certain contacts. You can also set message conversations to appear as “thought bubbles” over running apps. To do this, go to Settings and set a contact to Priority. There are other settings within a notification that allow you to select which conversations can bubble. You can set All, Selected Conversations, or Nothing can Bubble.

  • Install an Antivirus and use it

The Android OS is way more open than iOS. As much as this may have its own advantages, it also opens up a door for malware attacks that are often nonexistent in iOS. Google already has built-in strong protection for the OS, but just to be on the safe side. It’s recommended that you install and run an antivirus. Most people are already familiar with antivirus that they can download. You probably already use some of them to protect your PC from malware and attacks. Some of them include Kaspersky Security Cloud, McAfee Antivirus, etc.

  • You can double-tap the power button to open the Camera

This feature is available on Android phones and allows you to capture those fleeting moments. You can double-tap the power button and use the volume buttons to take shots. This feature is not available on iOS, although you can access the camera even when the screen is locked using the camera icon. 

  • You can use screen pinning when you need it

This is a great feature for when you need to hand over your phone to someone else and you don’t want them snooping around in your other apps. You can pin the screen and even protect it using a password or PIN. If this setting is not enabled by default, you can turn it on in the Security menu. To pin an app, simply tap the app icon in the multitasking interface (recent apps) and select “pin this app.” 

  1. You can add a guest to your Phone

This is another awesome feature that allows you to lend a phone to someone else with limited access. To this, you can head over to Settings, Advanced settings, Multiple Users, Enable. You can also add users from Lock Screen, which lets you quickly access this menu. You can then tap the user icon and choose Add Guest. After a few seconds (may be more), the phone removes personal accounts like emails and allows phone calls, maps and web browsing. Your guest will not be able to see your personal apps since only the default Android apps will appear. Your social media apps will also not show here. 

  1. Screen Recording is now available for Android 11

Finally, if your phone is running on Android 11, you can record your screen activity. This feature was previously only available on Samsung, LG, and OnePlus. All you have to do is pull down the top shade and choose Screen Record and then Start Recording. You can choose to show touch points and record audio as well. You can stop recording by pulling down the shade and tapping the red bar. 


There are many more features on Android that allow you to have fun while using your phone. Some of these can be important in certain situations where your phone can come to your aid. You can also enjoy certain security features that are only available with the Android OS.

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