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Save $20 on this fantastic Garmin kids smartwatch

Finding ways to encourage kids to be active can sometimes be a chore for parents. With the holidays, many children will be on break from school and may want to spend extra time playing video games or watching TV. One way to ensure that they are still finding time to be active is with a fitness tracker geared towards kids. I reviewed the Garmin vivofit jr. 3 with my 6-year-old; though he’s already quite active, the fitness band gave him new goals to reach for.

I have worn a smartwatch for a long time, both for the notifications and the fitness tracking, and my son loved being able to compare stats. The Garmin vivofit jr. 3 has done an excellent job of not only adding some competition with my son to encourage him to keep active, but it has been a great way to help him find some independence throughout his day.


I can set reminders for certain daily tasks in which he can earn digital coins. My wife and I, along with my son, have set up some rewards that he can use his coins to purchase. While working on his tasks, he also has the ability to set timers. He loves to see if he can get things done before the timer goes off as an added bonus win.

The Garmin vivofit jr. 3 offers different themes for each device that is seen both on the tracker’s silicone band and as different watch faces to pick from. By reaching step or activity time goals, your child can also play games in the Garmin app on your phone that are themed as well. The fitness tracker has a replaceable coin battery that lasts about a year — so no daily charging.

Keeping the kids active is fun with the Garmin vivofit jr. 3

Garmin vivofit jr. 3


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The Garmin vivofit jr. 3 is a wonderful way for kids to find new ways to stay active with some fun encouragement and goals to reach for.

Your child can even track their sleep automatically with the Garmin vivofit jr. 3. After syncing the device to your phone, you and your child can review their daily sleep, activity, and any goals they reached together. Some of the best fitness tracker Black Friday deals will include the Garmin vivofit jr. 3 along with other excellent Garmin smartwatches, so you and your family can keep each other going with some friendly competition.

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