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Pre-order the Echo Show 15 on Cyber Monday or bundle it to save even more

Smart home products add so much functionality and make your everyday life a lot easier. Amazon’s Echo Show devices are helpful with daily tasks, reminding you of important events and providing you with new recipes. These smart displays can make calls and assist you hands-free thanks to Alexa.

Amazon announced the latest Echo Show 15 recently, and it is now available to pre-order. If you want to get more bang for your buck, grab these bundle deals for Cyber Monday. You can score the all-new Echo Show 15 with the Blink Mini or a Ring Doorbell and save money. Buying these devices separately will definitely cost you more. Pre-purchases of the Amazon Echo Show 15 on its own or with a combo deal will be shipped from December 9.

The Echo Show 15 is the largest of its kind, with a gigantic screen measuring 15.6 inches wide. For all intents and purposes, it looks like a chic photo frame and you can even mount it on a wall. You get everything you’d expect: Alexa, calendars and to-do widgets, video streaming apps, and Amazon’s slew of streaming services like Audible and Amazon Music. If you really want it to imitate a picture frame, there’s a Photo Frame feature that showcases images from Amazon Photos and Facebook.

Amazon Echo Show 15


$250 at Amazon

Stay connected with loved ones, get help from Alexa, stream all sorts of content, and do so much more with the stylish Echo Show 15. Create a profile with a visual ID for every family member to view their own calendars, photos, and reminders. A physical camera shutter allows you to maintain your family’s privacy.

Let’s not forget that Amazon Echo Show devices are capable of making audio and video calls over the internet. You don’t require any additional accessory, the Echo Show 15 has a camera and a mic built-in. To protect your family’s privacy, you can lock the huge Echo Show device with passwords and IDs. The Echo Show 15 allows you to create separate profiles for every member of the family. Alexa uses a visual ID to recognize each individual. Depending on who’s around, your family can check their personal schedules and notes on the same smart display.

With this huge smart display hanging in your kitchen or living room, you’ll stay on top of all your chores and meetings. It’s a great way to centralize everything and keep it all in sync. Hanging the Echo Show 15 on a wall is optional, you can also get a stand and prop it up on any table. It works in landscape and portrait mode alike, so the placement and orientation are entirely up to you.

Amazon Echo Show 15 with Blink Mini


$260 at Amazon

The Amazon Echo Show 15 is a versatile device that offers entertainment and functionality in a fun package. Grab the Blink Mini smart security camera long with the Echo Show 15 to monitor your home day in, day out. This Cyber Monday bundle knocks $25 off the total costs.

Amazon Echo Show 15 with Ring Doorbell


$290 at Amazon

Save $20 with this combo deal offering the spanking new Amazon Echo Show 15 and the Ring Doorbell. This package completes your smart home needs with an Alexa-powered smart display and a smart doorbell that sends real-time video feedback to your phone. Keep your home safe and secure with this awesome offer.

Amazon Echo Show 15 with Tilt Stand


$280 at Amazon

Drilling holes in the wall may anger your homeowner — or decrease your property’s value if you are the owner. Prop up your brand new Echo Show 15 in landscape or portrait orientation with a tilt stand. You’ll be able to move the smart display around your house depending on your need.

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