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How to reset Fitbit Versa

If you’re Fitbit Versa isn’t running optimally, a reset can sometimes be a simple solution. Restarting your Fitbit can help if your device is not responding to input or is slow to respond, if it’s not syncing with your mobile device, or if functions like step counting or notifications are not performing properly. Oftentimes, a quick reset can eliminate these frustrations and get your device back up and running as normal.

Getting a new fitness tracker or smartwatch? If you’re selling, trading in, or donating your Fitbit Versa, you’ll want to perform a factory reset, which removes all of your information, credit cards, and preferences and restores the device to its factory settings.

This guide explains how to restart your device for troubleshooting purposes, as well as how to factory reset your Fitbit Versa if you plan on selling or trading in the device.

How to restart a Fitbit Versa

You can restart your Fitbit Versa one of two ways: Using the left button or via the Settings menu.

To reset your Fitbit Versa using the settings menu:

Enter the Settings menu on your device.
Scroll down and tap on About.
Under that menu, tap Shutdown.
Allow the reset process to complete.

If you’re having any issues with your Fitbit screen or slow responses to taps, you can also reset using the left button directly on your device. This makes it possible for your to restart the Fitbit without going into the settings menu. Here’s how:

Press and hold the left button for 10 to 15 seconds (until the Fitbit Logo appears).
Let go of the button once the logo appears.
Wait for the reset process to complete.

How to factory reset a Fitbit Versa

It’s essential that you factory reset any personal tech before you trade it in, resell it, or donate it to a charitable organization. This helps promote your privacy, while also making it easier for the next user to set up the device. To perform a full factory reset, follow these steps:

Enter the settings menu on your device.
Scroll down and tap on About.
Under that menu, tap Factory Reset (it may also be called Clear User Data).
Confirm you want to perform the factory reset.
Allow the reset process to complete.

If your Fitbit screen isn’t functioning, you can factory reset using the back button on your Fitbit Versa. According to a moderator in a Fitbit community chat room, follow these steps to factory reset your Versa:

Locate the back button.
Hold the back button for about 8 seconds.
Wait for the Fitbit logo to disappear.
Release the button quickly (for just a second or two).
Hold the back button again until you feel another, longer vibration.
Wait for the factory reset process to initiate.




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