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How to add the Chrome Dino game widget to your home screen


Google Chrome’s dinosaur game is adored by adults and children alike. Google is very good-humored about it and even updates the game with ongoing events and holidays. For instance, in the past, we’ve seen an Olympic-themed version of the Chrome Dino game. If you’re on your Android phone, you can add Google’s Chrome Dino game widget to your home screen. Here’s how you can do that.

How to add the Chrome Dino game widget to your home screen

Open Google Chrome on your phone.

Go to chrome:flags/#enable-quick-action-search-widget-android-dino-variant.


Set the Quick Action Search Widget – Dino Variant flag to Enabled.


Go to your home screen.
Press and hold until the home settings menu appears.
Tap on Widgets.
Look for the Chrome Dino widget.

Place the widget on your home screen.


Tap the Chrome Dino widget to play.


With the cutesy Chrome Dino widget sitting on your home screen, you won’t have to fumble around Chrome looking for the side-scroller. It’s a fun casual game for Android that’s enjoyable by people of all ages.

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Google Chrome is the optimum browser for most Android users out there and the only one with the Dino game widget. You get a host of functional tools from the Android web browser. Just like the Dino game, it has other unique features such as shareable quote cards and the Google Password Manager. If you’re on desktop, you can be even more productive with Google Chrome.

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