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Here are the best Nest cameras on the market right now

While the Google Nest line is still considered the new kid in town in the world of security cameras, the brand’s last line of security cameras offers the ability to better protect your home at an affordable price. And with the holidays just around the corner, it may be time to explore which Google Nest camera might be worth adding to your list. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of the best Nest camera devices on the market right now. Here they are!

Versatility matters

Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery)


Staff Pick

Google’s 2021 edition of the Nest Cam is a smart, battery-powered security camera used indoors and outdoors. The camera tracks motion, people, vehicles, animals in a 130-degree field of view; saves a three-hour history of video clips; and records during a Wi-FI outage for up to one hour. You can also buy a waterproof cable separately for continuous power and enable the 24/7 ongoing video history feature.

$180 at Best Buy $160 at Walmart $180 at B&H

The cheaper alternative

Nest Cam (indoor, wired)


The most affordable Google’s Nest device is the Nest Cam (indoor, wired), which features most of the same features as the battery-powered Nest Cam, but isn’t weather resistant. However, the indoor version features a slightly larger field of vision at 135 degrees (diagonal) and comes in four colors: Snow, Linen, Fog, and Sand with a maple wood base.

$100 at Best Buy $100 at Walmart $100 at B&H

Biggest and best

Nest Cam with floodlight (wired)


The Nest Cam with floodlight (wired) takes the Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor) to the next level by adding a smart floodlight and eliminating the need for batteries. This device features Two LED lights and 180-degree motion detection for enhanced visibility and clearer video recordings. You can also customize when the lights turn on and off, dimness, and sensitivity.

$280 at Best Buy $280 at Walmart $280 at B&H

A safer home

Nest Doorbell (battery)


The Nest Doorbell (battery) is a wire-free, battery-powered video doorbell. In addition to sending alerts about activity, this device allows you to answer the door remotely in real-time or leave pre-set messages. The Nest Doorbell (battery) is also designed with a vertical field and HDR capabilities, which allows you to see figures in low light and darkness.

$180 at Best Buy From $130 at Walmart $180 at B&H

Top-tier security

Nest Doorbell (wired)


A step up from the battery-powered doorbell, the Nest Doorbell (wired) boasts a larger field of vision and sends alerts regarding familiar faces, packages, and sound. It also provides still images as part of its three-hour event history feature and 24/7 video history with Nest Aware Plus. While the cheaper model operates via the Google Home app, the Nest Doorbell (wired) requires the Nest app.

$230 at Best Buy $159 at Walmart $230 at B&H

Safe home HQ

Nest Hub Max


A step up from the original Nest Hub and Nest Hub (2nd Gen), the Google Nest Hub Max features a Nest camera at the top of the display, which offers most of the same features as the Nest Cam, including intruder alerts. The Nest Hub Max also boasts the highest-quality audio works seamlessly with other connected Nest Cam devices around the house.

$230 at Best Buy $230 at Walmart $230 at B&H

Why Google Nest?

It’s worth pointing out that, except for the Nest Doorbell (wired), all devices listed above require you to download the Google Home app. All of the devices also feature HD video with HDR, night vision, and the ability to talk and listen through the device.

While the best outdoor security cameras are made by Ring, Arlo, and Eufy, we’ve picked the Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery) as our top Nest Cam pick because of its mid-range price point, its ability to be used both inside and outside, and the fact it can also be plugged into an outlet. That said, both the camera and software still have a lot of room for improvement compared to other brands.

If you’re planning only to use the camera indoors and want to save a few dollars, then the $100 Nest Cam (indoor, wired) will more than cover your needs. And if you’re looking for a more comprehensive, smart home security system, then you might want to opt for the Nest Hub Max, which will help you control and track multiple Nest camera devices.

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