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Got $100? One of these fantastic Fitbits can be yours on Black Friday.

Four excellent Fitbit models will each cost you less than a C-Note.

Every major Fitbit is discounted for Black Friday, including its premium models. But the best Black Friday Fitbit deals for frugal athletes will barely cost you anything. Some of the best fitness trackers, from the gorgeous Luxe to the entry-level Inspire 2, are worth buying even at full price.

Fitbit Luxe


$100 at Amazon ($50 off) $100 at Best Buy ($50 off)

As the name implies, this is a deluxe wearable in miniature form. It has a five-day battery life (unless you use the always-on display), HRM, VO2, SPO2, Active Zone Minutes, and detailed health metrics. It’s not as advanced as the lighter Charge 5, but it has the essentials at a lower price.

Fitbit Inspire 2


$60 at Amazon ($40 off)
$60 at Best Buy ($40 off)
$60 at Walmart ($40 off)

A lightweight tracker with over a week of battery life, the Inspire 2 will motivate you to stay fit with stress / HRM / sleep tracking, built-in exercises, and other great tools for 40% off during Black Friday.

Looking at the Fitbit Luxe vs. Inspire 2, both have very similar specs, including water resistance, heart rate monitoring, and Active Zone Minutes. The Inspire 2 is the better choice for battery life (10 days vs. 5 days), while the Luxe adds blood oxygen monitoring, skin temperature checks, and stress tracking. Plus, the Luxe looks much more deluxe on your wrist, with its color AMOLED display.

If you care less about looks and more about features, our No. 2 fitness tracker pick — the Fitbit Charge 4 — is heavily discounted at Walmart. It has onboard GPS, NFC, and a week of battery life. Its 1-inch grayscale OLED doesn’t look great, but it’s very comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Fitbit Charge 4


$69 at Walmart ($80 off)

The Fitbit Charge 4 is a year older than the Charge 5, but it barely loses a step on its successor. With onboard GPS, NFC, HRM, SPO2, and a week of battery life, it does what the 5 does for much cheaper. It’s waterproof, lightweight, and very comfortable; it just lacks the bright AMOLED display and new ECG/EDA sensors. To save the most money, go with the Charge 4.

Last but not least in the sub-$100 Fitbit deals is the Fitbit Ace 3. It’s a cute, durable watch that can handle water and drops. It even has cute watch faces, including some Minions animated faces. It’ll track basic health data, encourage your kid to get more active, and then sleep on time.

Fitbit Ace 3


$50 at Amazon ($30 off)

Want to get your kid fit? The Fitbit Ace 3 is swimproof, has an eight-day battery life, sleep tracking and bedtime reminders, activity reminders, family fitness challenges with badges for completing goals, and a fun design with cute colors.

Whichever Fitbit you buy, you’ll get access to Fitbit’s excellent software and acclaimed hardware quality. You’ll miss out on the premium features you’d get with the Fitbit Charge 5 deals or Fitbit Sense deals, but you’ll save a ton of money, which is what Black Friday is all about!

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