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Get a 128GB microSD card and adapter for just $20

Expandable storage in Android phones is disappearing fast but plenty of other devices still offer it. If you’ve got an Android tablet, a Nintendo Switch console, or perhaps a DSLR camera, you’ll want to look at this deal. You can grab the Amazon Basics 128GB microSD card for only two tenners right now.

The Amazon Basics 128GB microSD card comes with a full-sized adapter. It’s compatible with almost anything that has a microSD slot, making it an extremely versatile buy. Pop it in your GoPro or your drone and then import all your media files to your laptop with the help of the adapter. It’s a handy tool, especially if you shoot high-quality photos and videos regularly.

Whether it’s your phone that needs the extra memory or something else, this memory card will do the job. It has high read/write speeds of up to 100MB, UHS Speed Class U3, and Speed Class 10. That makes it ideal for the storage and transfer of large data files. Capturing images or videos in 4K won’t be a problem at all.

Amazon Basics 128GB microSDXC Card with Adapter | $20


$20 at Amazon

Got $20? You’re in luck because you can snag this 128GB microSD card with an adapter for that price. Amazon Basics offers a reliable, high-quality memory card that is extremely durable. Apart from being waterproof, this microSD card brings high read/write speeds of up to 100MB to the table.

Amazon added a few layers of security to keep your precious data intact. This 128GB microSD card has an IPX6 waterproof rating. Amazon also claims that this memory card is shockproof and can survive temperatures between -10° to 80°, X-rays, and magnets. Going on all that, this memory card will survive getting drenched or accidental drops without a hitch.

If you’re got Nintendo’s hand-held console, this SD card is great for you. It supports the Nintendo Switch so you can store your game data and saves in there. There’s an endless number of uses for this Amazon Basics 128GB microSDXC Card. At only $20, you can grab a handful for all your devices that need more memory.

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