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Four simple ways to grow up your client base for email marketing in 2021

Email marketing plays an important role in sales in 2021, but collecting an email base is always a slow and painstaking process even if you’re using an email extractor. So, you will still need some more ways to collect user email addresses. How to check if email address is valid? – Let’s take a look at four simplest ways to grow your client base for email marketing campaigns apart from automated email scraping.

Why is it important to increase customer base?

It is important to increase the customer base of emails in 2021 for every business. The truth is that it’s necessary for many reasons.

The most valuable asset of any business is its customer base. Having loyal customers is both an income and an effective advertising means. But for the asset to work, they need to be engaged.

Therefore, if your client base currently exists only somewhere on the Internet or on your sales managers’ minds, and there is no consolidated source of information, it is time to take the first step towards its formation. Grow your lists through the chosen channels for good.

How to grow your email list using Email

Using effective Email campaigns is another way to collect data. Emails in exchange for benefits are a great way to grow your lists. Automatic emailer provides great support in this case.

When you ask a person to provide their data, this is already an invitation to get something useful in turn.  Bulk email allows getting as many new contacts as possible.Offer compensation to the prospect for the emails they your receivers leave behind. This achieves two goals: you get both contacts and consent to send them newsletters in the future. And the client is mentally prepared in advance to receive some more letters from you if you offer some useful content in turn.

You can add a contact to your email address databases only after receiving the user’s consent in a response letter. Be sure to save it as evidence.

A cold Email example

How to grow your email client base on your website

You may also collect your email base on the website in different ways: when registering, buying from your online store, etc.  All you need is a great form. Additionally, provide for the possibility of subscribing to specific events.

This may be the new product promos or goods that are not currently in stock, the release of new articles or webinars, different subscriptions – it all depends on the specifics of the business activity. In this case, the user decides what you will be useful with, and subscribes to the newsletters of interest/or not. Do not forget to save the logs here too.

A great website form sample

How to grow your email list using social media

Social media may be a great source for your business traffic. It will be effective to involve social networks in sales in 2021.

Mind that they are not limited to sending commercial offers to users. If you want to leverage audience loyalty from social networks, define the best time to send email campaign. You need to turn your community’s subscribers into newsletter recipients or even site visitors, which means to convert them. Let’s see how you may do it today.


You may place a subscription form on your Facebook page.

It is best to promise some kind of a bonus or gift to motivate the users to leave their contact information. This can be any gift related to the activities of your company. Place a subscription form on your Facebook page with the help of your subscription code from the site, and all users who leave their contact information will automatically be included in your database in the program for email newsletters.

It is best to promise some kind of bonus or gift for the fact that users leave you their contact information. This can be any gift related to the activities of your company.

You may also set up Facebook Lead Ads to grow your business


To get more contacts with the help of your YouTube channel, you need to integrate your mailer or website/landing form to parse the contacts first. When you already offer the link to your channel to the existing users, you may also provide new content during the latest video release and anticipate the new subscribers.

If you shoot high-quality and useful videos, add a subscription link to them. This will create a database of email addresses of users who are definitely interested in your company.

Besides, you may set YouTube ads and include your video creatives before during or after the random or chosen related videos your audience may watch to get new users clicked and filled the form in. There you may offer a lead magnet or any other incentive.

A YouTube channel subscription confirmation


 If you are thinking about how to get a database of email addresses and love creativity, this is the way for you. Come up with an Instagram giveaway or competition, post the news about it on the website or social networks, and indicate the subscription in the list of prerequisites.

The prize depends on the specifics of the business and the budget – educational materials that are not freely available, a large discount on goods, gifts, your business service giveaway, early bird tickets, promos, demos, etc.

An Instagram contest page

How to grow your email list using Atomic Email Hunter

If you’re looking for professional tools for email searching, you should pay attention to Atomic Email Hunter and how it helps to collect the email addresses of potential customers twice faster.

Finding the target audience’s contact information is not easy, but if you have a good helper like this one, it becomes easier. The program has such features as:

  • Email search by keywords

In the case you do not know where to start looking for email addresses and on which sites these emails may be found, use a search of contact data using keywords:

Inside the program

  • Search for emails on websites

If you want emails from people with similar interests, you can enter links to websites where these people chat, such as forums, etc.

  • Search on the existing lists

If you have multiple websites or keywords, you can enter the list option. This process can take up to 15 minutes. As many URLs or words as Atomic Email Hunter may take will be found for further processing easily.

Besides these functions, Facebook, Twitter, and other plug-ins are available and created to make a list search and formation better and allow you to find as many new contacts as possible.

Sum up

To grow your client base for email marketing in 2021, you need to choose the best ways and gather data exclusively by legal means. Choose which of the email finding tools to give preference to – social networks or email newsletters, etc. You may easily attract your fans from social networks to your resources or landing pages with a well-designed form


However, you need to keep your lists clean: keep track of who does not open emails, does not follow links, etc. This is necessary to filter out random subscribers and those who indicated someone else’s mail. Narrowing down the audience is a must for effective marketing campaigns. Also, remember about the users’ consent: the user should provide the address in the form and follow the link on your website, become a client, etc. 

Feel free to apply our top-notch email marketing services and succeed at your next business campaigns easier!

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