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Do you need a Facebook account to use Oculus Quest? The rules are changing


Best answer: Yes, for now. Meta is working on alternative ways to log in to your Quest and Quest 2, but, for the time being, a Facebook account is still required to operate either headset.

Once upon a time, it was called Facebook

When the Oculus Quest 2 launched in October 2020, Facebook required users to log in to their headset with a Facebook account. However, one year later, when the company changed its name to Meta and the name of the Oculus Quest 2 to Meta Quest 2, they also dropped the requirement to use a Facebook login with Quest 2.

The question is, when, exactly, will that future occur? As of right now, Meta says that it will be testing a new Facebookless login process with work profiles first, followed by a full consumer rollout in 2022.

Meta was hush on exactly how this new login system will work, but it is presumed that a new Meta login will be used instead of a Facebook login.

One of the biggest problems with using a Facebook account to log in to an Oculus Quest is that your social media posts can affect your ability to log in and use your Oculus Quest. Namely, if your Facebook account gets banned for something you said on social media, you’ll lose all access to your Quest and any games purchased on it.

Moving to a different account system — whether it’s Meta-branded or not — likely means that your Quest usage won’t be tied to any social media presence, which solves the biggest problem with the current account system.

Until that time, however, you’ll still need to use your Facebook account to log in to your Oculus Quest or Meta Quest 2.

What if I don’t want to merge my Oculus account with my Facebook account?

Existing Oculus accounts will not be required to merge with a Facebook account. In fall 2020, when the previous policy was changed, Facebook said that it could not guarantee compatibility with new apps and games if users were still using an Oculus account after January 2023.

Meta has not provided updated guidelines since it changed the policy that required Facebook accounts to be used on the Quest. Likely, Meta will still need older Oculus accounts to be merged with the new account system when it launches in 2022.

How to log into an Oculus Quest with your Facebook account


Logging into Facebook on your Oculus Quest or Meta Quest 2 is simple. Before you power up the headset, follow these instructions.

Download the Oculus app on your smartphone. Go here for the Android version, and here if you have an iPhone.
Once the app is downloaded, log in with your Facebook account.
Power up your Oculus Quest headset.
On the Oculus app, select the Oculus Quest or Meta Quest 2 to pair the headset with your Facebook account and smartphone.

And that’s all you need to do. With a Facebook account, players will be able to easily find and chat with their friends without ever having to take the headset off their heads. You’ll also be able to easily share screenshots, videos, and even livestream your gameplay to Facebook through the Universal Home Menu on the Meta Quest.

A Facebook account also unlocks exclusive events like concerts, movie screenings, and more through the Events section. Great services like Facebook Horizon promise to help you join your friends in a virtual environment where you can hang out, play games, and more, all without having to navigate a web page.

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