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Track your productivity with Time Insights in Google Calendar


Google added a useful new feature called Time Insights to Google Calendar in August. You can now see the amount of time you’ve spent on specific events in your Calendar but only on desktop. This includes a complete breakdown of your time, how much time you spend in meetings, and the people you meet with. Here’s how you can use Google Calendar Time Insights to track your productivity.

How to use Google Calendar Time Insights to track your productivity

Time Insights is only available to Google Workspace accounts. This includes anyone with a company or student account. Google account holders with personal IDs ending with @gmail.com cannot access this feature.

Go to https://calendar.google.com/ on your computer.

Click on More insights in the left-hand sidebar.


Browse through the Time Insights section that will open up on the right.


Under Time Insights, click on Set working hours.

  • Time breakdown will be more accurate if you input your working hours.

Working hours and location settings will open up, tick the box for Enable working hours.


After you have enabled working hours to show up in your Insights, the time breakdown in your Google Calendar will display more useful results. Naturally, this will allow you to track your productivity more thoroughly.

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There are plenty of calendar apps available to Android users. Although there is no shortage of excellent choices, Google Calendar stands out as the best calendar app for Android. You don’t need to spend money to enjoy the app in its entirety, and the best part is its integration with your Google account. You can create events, tasks, and reminders in Calendar like any other similar app, but Google takes the experience further.

Users can create a Google Meet video conference without leaving the Calendar app. It even sends invites via email and shows up on all your devices automatically. Then there are other neat features like Google Keep, Google Maps, and other add-ons within Calendar. Time Insights really ties everything together and enables you to measure how productive you are because of the Calendar app.

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Google Calendar has become a staple in the Android world, and it isn’t for naught. It’s integrated with Google Assistant, syncs across platforms automatically, and enables you to do so much more.

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