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These are the best Roborock vacuums you can get


Keeping your house clean isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You have to find the time between running to work, taking care of family, and scheduling in that much-needed downtime. Something that can help keep your home clean is a reliable robot vacuum. I personally go with Roborock since the company creates quality products, like the Roborock S7, which comes with several convenience features while still incredibly good at cleaning my home. Roborock also offers several other amazing options. Here are the best Roborock vacuums on the market today.

Best overall: Roborock S7


We’ve had the chance to test the Roborock S7 for several weeks. Not only is it a powerful unit that can suck up anything from dirt to pet hair, but it also offers plenty of convenience features. From the Roborock app, I can schedule cleaning times, tell the unit which specific room to clean, or put up a no-go barrier telling it to leave a room alone. I have a Corgi and a gray tabby who are constantly shedding, and this vacuum does an amazing job of cleaning up after them. It even runs for up to 180 minutes, which means it’s able to clean more of my home in one go.

The suction is strong enough to clean up kitty litter and the dry pet food that my animals drop into the carpet. I really can’t tell you how many dustbins full of fur I’ve thrown in the trash since I got this vacuum. I’m just happy it is reliable enough to suck up so much fur. The dustbin is only 0.47 liters, so you might need to empty it after each cleaning session. It’s also got a 0.3-liter water tank, which is good for mopping a 700 square-foot home three times before needing more water. It’s also one of the only robot vacuums that allow you to set up no-mop zones to prevent the vacuum from spritzing water on your carpets.

The laser navigation system and internal sensors prevent the vacuum from falling downstairs or crashing into your belongings. You’ll still want to pick up cables out of its path, but it’s more advanced than many other units out there. I love that it comes with a small safety razor, much like a letter opener, that stores directly on the unit. This allows me to cut hair or string off of the brush easily. You can even remove the brush for cleaning if you’re having difficulty getting something off of it. It might be more expensive than some other options out there, but it offers several conveniences that you’ll be glad to have.


  • Runs up to 180 minutes
  • Schedule cleaning times
  • Maps your home
  • Works with smart home assistants
  • Can set up no-go and no-mop zones


  • Expensive
  • Smaller dustbin

Best overall

Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop


$650 at Amazon $650 at Walmart

A super convenient robomaid

The Roborock S7 maps your home and cleans your floors in an organized fashion. It has good battery life and lets you set up no-go zones from the app.

Best budget: Roborock E4


This is the least expensive Roborock currently on the market. It should be noted that this unit can only handle hard floors and low-pile carpets. However, if your home is made up entirely of this kind of flooring, it’ll be a perfect match. Unlike other budget units out there, this one still works with an app, allowing you to schedule cleanings. It also vacuums in organized back and forth lines instead of running every which way. I love this because your rooms look tidy after any cleaning session rather than looking like a small robot went on a zigzagging rampage around your home.

The battery lasts for up to 150 minutes, which is one of the longer sides of things. I love this unit because it has an impressive dustbin that can hold up to 0.64 liters of dirt and debris. The dustbin capacity paired with the recharge and resume feature makes it, so you don’t have to worry about this unit missing spots of your home. Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t map your home, and you can’t set up virtual walls within the app.

It even has a water tank and allows you to attach a mop to the underbelly for mopping your hard floors. You’ll just have to keep an eye on it when it’s in this mode because it can’t tell the difference between hard floors and carpets.


  • Inexpensive
  • Runs up to 150 minutes
  • Schedule cleaning times
  • Recharge and resume
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Large dustbin


  • Doesn’t map rooms
  • Can’t set up no-go zones
  • No mopping

Best budget

Roborock E4


$189 at Amazon

A more wallet-friendly option

It has powerful suction to tackle anything from hard floors to medium-pile carpets and is a great choice for anyone looking for an entry-level robot vacuum.

Best entry-level device: Roborock S4 Max


If you’re looking for a powerful-yet-inexpensive robot vacuum, you’ll be interested in the Roborock S4 Max. This little machine is equipped to tackle anything from hard floors to medium-pile carpets. It has four different carpet cleaning modes — Quiet, Balanced, Turbo, and Max — to help you clean your home the way you want.

This little device has one of the most impressive run times we’ve seen on a robot vacuum. It can run for up to 180 minutes before needing a recharge. It also features charge and resume, so once the battery gets low, it runs to the dock, recharges, and then resumes cleaning in the same spot as before. It makes it, so you don’t have to worry about the unit missing sections of your home, unlike some others out there.

Unfortunately, this unit isn’t advanced enough to map your home. It does, however, employ dual gyroscopes and motion tracking to thoroughly vacuum every inch of your floor in an organized fashion. In comparison, other inexpensive units bump around randomly and aren’t guaranteed to clean all of your floors. You can also tell the unit to go clean a specific room or to avoid a particular room. The only thing it’s really missing is the mopping feature. But if you don’t want it, this makes for a great vacuum.


  • Inexpensive
  • Runs up to 200 minutes
  • Schedule cleaning times
  • Recharge and resume
  • Mapping and barriers
  • Spot cleaning


  • Doesn’t mop

Best entry-level device

Roborock S4 Max


$430 at Amazon $430 at Walmart

An affordable robot vacuum

This vacuum is stuffed with impressive features at a low cost. You can control it using an app and schedule cleanings.

Best battery life: Roborock E5


When it comes to stamina and power, the Roborock E5 is the best model in the lineup. It can run for up to 200 minutes on one charge, which is more than double what most robot vacuums can do. That means that it will be able to run for long stretches to reach every section of your floor promptly. It also features recharge and resumes, so if the battery does run low, it will take a moment to recharge before cleaning where it left off.

You can control it with Amazon Alexa, the Mi Home App, or the Roborock App. Unfortunately, it can’t remember maps or to set up virtual barriers. However, it always cleans in an organized back and forth motion, so your rooms look beautiful and tidy instead of having random vacuum lines stemming from every direction.

The 0.64-liter dustbin is a really good size and is plenty big enough for the average home. You’ll just want to check it and potentially empty it after each cleaning. The unit also has a water tank. You can attach the included mop to the underside of the unit and have it mop your hard floors. You will need to keep an eye on it since the unit won’t avoid your carpets while mopping. All in all, this is a powerful robot vacuum that I recommend for any home.


  • Runs up to 200 minutes
  • Mop mode
  • Controlled with home assistants
  • Schedule cleanings


  • Doesn’t map your home
  • No virtual walls

Best battery life

Roborock E5


$290 at Amazon

It’ll keep going and going

The E5 has an incredibly long battery life compared to other robot vacuums. It’s powerful, reliable, and has a host of smart convenience features.

Best for hard floor homes: Roborock S6 Pure


This unit is a slight upgrade from the Roborock S6. It has the power to clean hard floors and low-pile carpets but isn’t suited for anything thicker. As it’s cleaning, it detects when it moves from hard flooring to carpets and then increases its suction for a deeper clean. What’s more, it has an impressive run time of 180 minutes, so it will be able to cover more ground in one go. Even if the power runs low, this unit returns to its dock, charges back up, and then finishes cleaning exactly where it left off.

It features mapping abilities and cleans your home in a tidy back and forth fashion. You can control it using the Mi Home App, the Roborock App, or Amazon Alexa. The app allows you to schedule cleanings and start or stop cleaning at any moment. Additionally, this unit has a 0.46-liter dustbin, a respectable size, so you won’t have to empty it as much as you would some others.

Along with the dustbin, this unit also has a larger water tank than many other Roborocks and an attachable mop, so you can really get your hard floors sparkling. Don’t worry. The unit is safe to use on wood flooring since it only lightly moistens your floors instead of getting them sopping wet.


  • Runs up to 180 minutes
  • Schedule cleaning times
  • Controlled with app
  • Large 180 ml water tank
  • Map saving and zone cleaning


  • More expensive than S6

Best for hard floor homes

Roborock S6 Pure


$600 at Amazon

Great for hard floor homes

It’s similar to the S6 but with improved mopping abilities, like a larger water tank. That way, it can clean your hard floors better and for longer.

Best object detection: Roborock S6 MaxV


The Roborock S6 MaxV is definitely Roborock’s premium vacuum. In addition to all of the standard features you expect from this company’s vacuums, it also has a dual camera and ReactiveAI software, which allows it to detect objects on your floors better and accurately avoid them. It will even notify you in the app of any obstacles it encounters by placing an icon on a map of your home’s layout. While object detection isn’t perfect, you definitely don’t have to babysit this vacuum as you do with others.

That vacuum isn’t just for object avoidance, either. By accessing the Roborock app, you can remotely control the device and view the camera feed. This makes it double as a security camera for when you’re away on trips or even allows you to check up on your pets while you’re at work. The only thing to be aware of is that the camera doesn’t have a camera cover. However, there’s a sticker right on the device that reads, “To protect your privacy, images captured by ReactiveAI cameras are processed onboard and immediately deleted.”

As far as battery life goes, the MaxV is very impressive, being able to run up to 180 minutes, which is a good deal longer than average. Of course, the actual run time will differ depending on the settings you have chosen. Roborock’s app is intuitive and allows you to set up scheduled cleaning times, no-go zones, no-mop zones, and virtual barriers to keep the device from entering specific rooms. The dustbin is somewhat small, so if you have pets or lots of people with long hair, you might need to empty it after every session.


  • Dual camera & object detection software
  • Doubles as a pet camera or security camera
  • Runs up to 180 minutes
  • Schedule cleaning times
  • Maps your home
  • Works with smart home assistants
  • Can set up no-go and no-mop zones


  • Expensive
  • Smaller dustbin

Best object detection

Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum


$750 at Amazon

Pet camera and cleaner

With a built-in dual camera and plenty of smart features, this premium vacuum is sure to keep your home conveniently tidy. It can also mop, set cleaning schedules, and allows you to create no-go zones.

Best for pets: Roborock S7+


The Roborock S7+ is the vacuum bundle every pet owner dreams of. As we mentioned previously, the Roborock S7 is the very best Roborock vacuum you can get right now. However, it gets even better when bundled with the Roborock Auto-Empty Dock, which is what the S7+ is.

Whenever the vacuum returns to the dock to recharge, it also dumps its dustbin load. I have a corgi who sheds clones of herself every day, along with a cat who leaves kitty litter across the house. Having the Roborock S7+ has helped contain their messes and has made it, so I don’t have to empty that messy dustbin every day. Nothing has ever gotten stuck in the dustbin, including heaps of fur, kibble, or litter.

I just have to empty the bag every month or so. Now the biggest downside to the S7+ is the expense. The vacuum and dock combo put it at a high price, and then you’ll also need to purchase replacement bags regularly if you want the dock to be usable. The bags come in three packs and sell for about $18. That can add up over time, but it’s incredibly convenient.


  • All conveniences of S7 on its own
  • Comes with Auto-Empty Dock
  • Automatically sucks up dustbin debris
  • You only have to empty it once a month


  • Expensive
  • Replacement bags can be expensive

Best for pets

Roborock S7+


$950 at Amazon

Clean up all that fur

Combine the S7’s powerful suction with an auto-empty station. That way, all of the pet fur that it picks up each day will get sucked into a vacuum bag, so you only have to empty it about every month or so instead of every day.

Let the robots do the cleaning

There are so many different robot vacuums on the market that it can be hard to find something worth buying. In our experience, we’ve found that some of the best robot vacuums are created by Roborock. Every Roborock vacuum, whether an entry-level unit or a high-end unit, can be controlled via the app. What’s more, they all feature technology that makes them vacuum in an organized and efficient back and forth manner.

My personal recommendation is the Roborock S7. This amazing device is powerful enough to pick up AA batteries, and you can set up no-go zones or specifically send it to a certain area in your home using the app for a controlled cleaning. It’s priced well and is also a good fit for a home with pets since it’s able to pick up plenty of fur while making the rounds.



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