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Six Reasons Why It’s Essential To Update Your Software Regularly

Receiving an alert to update your computer’s software and the operating system always occurs at the most inconvenient times. For example, when you’re about to hit the send button after composing a lengthy email or during your binge-watching session on Netflix. Most of the time, you’ll probably skip update notifications and wait till you receive another pop-up days later. You might think that putting off software updates might not do your computer much harm. But on the contrary, delaying it will leave you open to potential security threats. Not to mention, you probably miss out on improved functions and features that make work more manageable as well. Sure, the latest software updates are not that crucial for a typical computer user. However, it is of the utmost importance if you’re a business owner or manager. 

With the fear of security breaches aside, there are tons of excellent benefits regularly updating your software has to offer. Most of the time, bugs and issues you didn’t even know were slowing down your computer can be fixed with a software update. So, why should you update your software regularly? Some of these reasons are listed down below. 

Cybercriminals and hackers are everywhere

One of the best reasons to download and install software updates is to remain protected from security risks. Out-of-date software will continue to have loopholes, and bugs cybercriminals can leverage to steal your data. What’s more, most of these exploitable entry points are common knowledge, making things even worse for the average computer user. 

So, as soon as software vendors and providers discover these loopholes in code, they quickly develop new security patches to fix them. For instance, your customer’s data can be up for grabs if you utilize a POS sale system with out-of-date software. So, contact your POS manufacturer and ask them to update your POS terminal for improved security and functionality. Moreover, you should also compare POS systems online to purchase one that offers you the best security features at an affordable price.

Your documents are at risk if you don’t update software regularly

Just imagine the amount of data that is stored digitally in today’s modern world. Because of this, your essential files and documents are at more risk than you can imagine. Particular malware types transmit your files from your computers and wipe your entire hard drive during the most inopportune moments. The 2014 Sony Pictures hack shows the severity and dangers of such malware attacks. First, confidential data, such as unreleased movies, salary information, movie budgets, and employee personal information, were grabbed from Sony Picture’s server and distributed on the internet. After that, a complex malware also ended up removing everything from the company’s IT infrastructure.

Furthermore, the more recent ransomware types and WannaCry malware have held business and home users’ documents hostage until a ransom has been paid. So, if you don’t want to fall victim to the same fate, consider updating your software to reduce the risk you might face from such malware and ransomware threats. 

You might have accidentally disabled automatic updates

Whether you believe it or not, cybercriminals and hackers can quickly turn off your computer’s automatic update feature with a single click. Not to mention while turning off your antivirus protection in the process. Additionally, you might be subject to an insider attack- someone enters your personal computer and turns off your virus protection and automatic updates manually. This could lead to cybercriminals and hackers gaining access to your device and your essential files.

These reasons should motivate the average user to manually check for the latest software updates without leaving everything up to the automatic update feature. 

You could end up passing viruses to other systems 

While email viruses come and go, there is still a high risk associated with them, one that you should never undermine. Viruses and malware spread like a forest fire via work and private emails, removable hard drives, and USB flash drives. However, installing the latest software updates ensures that your operating systems receive real-time notifications when you accidentally open dangerous emails, attachments, and files. Furthermore, depending on the attack’s severity, software updates will allow you to save face in front of your friends and colleagues.

You will miss out on exciting, new features

Fortunately, software updates aren’t all about the doom and gloom of the digital world, as developers everywhere are constantly working day in and day out to improve functionality and features. Tech developers add new, improved options to ensure that the end-user has the best possible software experience whenever a program or app is released/updated. 

Regular updates to business-related software help increase productivity at the workplace. Updates to marketing and sales software will enable businesses to maximize ROI and drive growth simultaneously. Fortunately for you, as mentioned above, most apps and programs have an automatic updates feature that allows your computer to receive the latest software updates whenever they’re released. So, don’t forget to check whether your automatic software feature is enabled or not. 

Software support might end

Have you ever contacted your IT support and heard a technician ask you whether or not you recently updated your computer’s operating system and software? Depending on your company, your answer will ultimately decide whether you’re eligible for support or not. 

A couple of years ago, Microsoft ended official support for Windows XP after providing support for nearly twenty years. However, they didn’t realize that numerous banks and financial firms were still using Windows XP on their ATMs and POS terminals. This sent shockwaves through the financial marketplace. So, if you’re a business that doesn’t want to fall victim to such an issue, constantly update your software and operating systems now and then!


Whatever your reason to ignore software updates, you must understand that the digital world is a dangerous place. So, if you’re going to venture through it, it is in your best interest to keep your software up-to-date if you don’t want your important files and documents to be up for grabs for cyber goons. Plus, it helps to work on tools and apps that are bug-free and function properly.

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