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Poll: Do you use smart home products around the house?


There are two leading players to consider.

The smart home is here, and it’s getting more useful perks than ever. With recent launches from Amazon and Google’s vast support for smart home devices, it’s becoming easier to build your smart home just the way you want it. But it’s not for everyone, as some people prefer a more straightforward way of life where you actually get up to flip the light switch.

We want to know if the smart home is for you.

Do you use smart home devices around the house?

When it comes to smart home products, there are two big players to choose from: Google and Amazon. Sure, Samsung has its own ecosystems, but Google and Amazon have arguably the largest share in the smart home space, with their respective ecosystems continuing to grow and improve every year.

They also have some of the best smart displays on the market like the Nest Hub Max, making it easy to control all your smart home products with one hub. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t update its first-party display offerings as much. Still, Amazon often offers new models, the latest being the Echo Show 15, which doubles as a digital picture frame.

At the moment, buying smart home products can be a tricky undertaking, as not all devices work with every ecosystem. However, that will soon change with the new Matter initiative. Major companies with smart home ecosystems and products are involved in its process, which will launch a connectivity standard to be implemented across all Matter-certified products. So no matter which smart home device you buy, you can be confident that it’ll work with your ecosystem.

If you haven’t considered turning your house into a smart home, it may be worth looking into, especially once Matter-certified products come to market. Let us know if you use smart home products around your house and what your experience is with them.

Control your home

Nest Hub Max


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Take your meeting from your bed

The Google Nest Hub Max is one of the best smart displays for your home, especially if you’re engrossed in Google’s ecosystem. Google makes it easy to jump into your work meetings straight from your display, making it the ultimate work hub, too.

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