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Outriders for Stadia updated to be in line with other versions after months


Cross-platform play still disabled until the upcoming November update.

What you need to know

  • Outriders on Stadia has been patched with updates that other platforms have received since its release last April.
  • The game received a few updates after launch, but was seemingly ignored while other versions continued to get updates.
  • Cross-platform play between Stadia and other platforms will be coming in the November update.

Square Enix announced that the Stadia version of its third-person action RPG Outriders has been updated to be almost feature-parity with the PC and console versions.

The looter shooter from developer People Can Fly had not received major updates on Google’s streaming games service since its launch last April. The game initially launched on Stadia with an outdated version compared to other platforms, a giant list of bugs, and broken cross-platform play. Outriders on Stadia was eventually patched to match the PC and console counterparts, but did not continue to receive updates and cross-platform play remained disabled.

The publisher said on the official Outriders Twitter account that the game has been updated on Stadia and is now “in line with all other platforms.” Hoewver, cross-platform play between Stadia and other platforms is still being improved and will go live with the November update. No information was announced by the studios if the Stadia version would continue to receive support after the November update.

While Outriders offered impressive visuals and satisfying gameplay, its terrible performance and lack of continued updates kept it from being one of the best Stadia games.

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