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Note-taking apps for Smart devices

Taking notes is a quite personal thing. One can easily write notes on any paper even an envelope, napkin, a tick stub, and a notebook. The same is the case with note-taking apps. Notes can be written on apps like Ulysses or Gmail draft; empty text files can be used or even some of us used the sticky notes app.

  • Evernote

Without mentioning Evernote it is not possible we talk about note-taking apps so if this application is on the number one list it is not a surprise at all. This application consists of the most powerful features around and can handle every kind of note. One can easily add scanned hand-written pages, slack conversations, emails, websites, audio clips, text notes, images, PDF documents, and anything one can ever imagine. if you want to write erratically to note down the best seller on the paper, voice memo, shopping list, Evernote gives you a safe and secure place to throw everything.

But Evernote is just not throwing away the data. It offers you proper designing so that one can easily design and organize their notes. By clicking on NEW NOTE can create a new note, add whatever you want to add, and type any specific supported type can also b type, you can add the tags at the bottom of the screen. This application will always suggest you if you have set up some tags. One can see the sidebar, click on the TAGS button to explore the list of every tag you have already used. This is a very quick way to assembling notes without any mess and tension of putting them perfectly in their place.

This notes taking application always set things with its search functionality. If one uploads an image on paper, a menu, a sign, a business card, or anything like text, it will process the image automatically to make it readable, and then this text process makes it searchable. This application even works with handwritten notes, although an alarming condition is that your text must be clear enough that a system can read.

  • Microsoft OneNote:

This is free of cost and has plenty of different features. There is no need for a monthly subscription. Every notebook is almost compiled in a ring binder so this application is divided into some sections with some subsections that are called pages. Every page is a freeform canvas so that users can add anywhere and whatever they want. An Image can be drag and drop, for adding some notes click anywhere beside it, and your system supports a stylus. It is a great solution built for learners and anyone else who wants discursive notes about something. It facilitates you through 5 GB extra that is quite enough. But if some of you using this application for storing pictures, audio notes, and some other important documents it might be out of limits then you have to pay $1.99 monthly to get 100 GB extr. Flutter App Development Company   is worth anticipating especially for android and iOS apps. Flutter web development company  offers various features that help to create mobile applications with the best user experience and save time and money.

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