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MP3 converter for YouTube videos – A rundown

There are a lot of tools available online to convert a given YouTube video into an MP3 format. We give you the steps on how to find the best of the tools/MP3 converter platforms to convert your desired YouTube videos to MP3 and the process of taking it through.

The whole world has different forms of media factoring in as entertainment channels and as sources of revenue in different fields. In all of these fields, audio and background tracks have played a huge part over the course of many years. A lot of you might already know but to the people going through for the first time, an audio is usually in the MP3 format. There are many audios available online but most of them are in a YouTube video format. The following few paragraphs will discuss how you can find a right MP3 converter tool to convert a required audio in a given YouTube video to an MP3 format file.

Why do people convert YouTube videos to MP3?

There are a lot of videos available on YouTube which have amazing audio/background scores which you would just want to have on your laptop or phone and would want to listen to in your free time. You might want to use these audios in some of your works too. You need not go to YouTube every single time you want to access the audio. If you have an MP3 converter tool at your disposal, it becomes very easy for you to store a MP3 format file of the same audio in your device. Many people use these tools at their will.

MP3 convertor gets you the desired audios from YouTube videos

The best tools to find an MP3 converter

There are a lot of websites available online which can assist you in converting a given YouTube video into an MP3 file. However, a good MP3 converter tool should do the following:

  • Have a simple User Interface so that it becomes easy for the user to understand the flow.
  • Not pop-up unnecessary ads or blockers into the system
  • Keep the quality of the audio the same or near the same when converting the YouTube video into an audio.
  • Give options to convert into different audio qualities for a specific YouTube video.

When you search online, you find great tools like Ontiva, Evano and mp3download which satisfy a user and give a lot many other features to you while converting a file from one format to another.

Take Evano.com for example. Other than just converting a given YouTube video to MP3, it has other options where you can convert an MP3 to an MP4 file. The tool also allows you to compress images so that they become much easier to transfer via mail/messaging platforms, manage and edit PDF documents so that it becomes simple and easy to merge multiple PDFs and others. With a diverse platform as Evano, it is easier to convert a given YouTube video to an MP3 file.

How to convert a YouTube video to MP3?

Nearly all platforms that are available online might have a similar approach towards converting a given video into an MP3 file. We outline the simple steps that you need to follow to convert any video into an MP3 file.

  • First, go to the website of your choice and open it in a tab.
  • In a side tab, open the YouTube video you want to convert to a MP3 format.
  • Copy the URL of the YouTube video carefully.
  • Go to the MP3 converter website and search for the area which offers you the option to change a given format of a file from one to another.
  • Paste the link in the bar given there, select MP3 from the options available and click on Convert.
  • Once the file is converted it asks you for an option to download into your system. Please note that some tools ask you for an option to mail it to you, where you have to give your e-mail ID to which you want the file to be mailed to. It will be mailed in an instant.
  • Once downloaded, you can close the website and use the MP3 file.
  • Don’t panic if the file does not convert instantly. Some videos may be of huge size and the tool might take some extra time to convert into a similar quality audio file.

There are many sites available and you need to choose a site which is relevant, reliable, easy to use and does not install viruses into your system. We recommend Evano as one of the websites which has offered good service to many clients for some time.

There are multiple compression levels – right from 64 kbps to 320 kbps – into which you can convert a file. The difference between them is simple. The smaller the compression number, the smaller the size of the file. However, you must know that the smaller the size of the file is, the lower will be the quality of the file. If you are running on space constraints, this might seem like a good use of the tool. However, if you are looking at not saving space and want to retain the original quality or near original quality of the file, you can choose a higher compression to download which makes the audio sound much better.

Is it safe to convert YouTube to MP3?

Photo by Matthias Groeneveld from Pexels

Taking precautions while converting files is very important

A lot of people have doubts about the safety of the process of converting YouTube videos to MP3 files. The whole process is safe and does not have any implications whatsoever.

However, you need to be careful of certain websites which might install viruses into your system or hardware when you use them to convert your YouTube to MP3 files. There are certain ways you can identify safe tools/sites towards MP3 conversion.

  • Look for user reviews about websites on sites like Quora and Reddit.
  • If you have a firewall in your system, it will do its job. If the firewall is blocking something, make sure you do not use the website.
  • Look out for the User Interface of the tool/site. If there are various ad/pop-ups on the home page, it is usually not a very trustworthy site. Have a look at websites like Evano to get an idea.

A side note

Although you can convert a lot of non-copyrighted videos to MP3 files and then use the audio elsewhere, it is not legal to download copyrighted videos and use the audio somewhere else. You may be penalized for it. Please make sure you check the copyright claims of the video in its description before you go forward and convert the file into MP3 format.

Also, if a certain website asks you to subscribe for a monthly fee, you can safely exit the space since there are many free alternatives available on the internet which do the same job at no cost.

Featured Image: Photo by SplitShire from Pexels

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