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Instagram post ideas for your content marketing

The impact of social media has been life-changing for many people today. Mostly the content that people create can go viral. Making the person an overnight star and making them popular. The importance of social media and especially Instagram is a lot than we know. Besides that, there are also agencies like content marketing services by Abstract Digital which provide social media services. There are many ways you can market your content on Instagram and that’s what we will look at today.

  1. Carousels posts –

People generally like that which is different and unique from ongoing routine. In this, Instagram that is well designed using professional software is greatly appreciated. One such thing you can do for your content is carousel posts. These are long continuous multiple photos posts that look like one. This is obtained by knowing the Instagram dimension size and increasing the artboard length by twice or thrice depending upon the content quantity. Then, designing in that one continuous post will get you the effect you desire. People swiping will enjoy the rhythm of the post and that would also make your account stand out.

  1. Giveaways and contests-

There are a lot of contests and giveaways going on Instagram at some point if you search we are sure you will find something related to your niche going on. Participate in such contests to understand how they are arranged and handled well. Then once you have a decent number of followers you can create your own contests. And for participating in the contest you can tell people to share your account and like the posts. In this way, you will gain a wider audience and the reach will be much higher compared to regular posting.

  1. Live chats with industry experts –

We are sure you have selected and researched the niche that you have on your Instagram account. Or would like to create one. Then we advise you to reach out to the industry experts in your field and request them to come live on your channel. You can have an interview sort set up or even ask audiences if they have any questions. This will create people to follow your account and let them know that your account is serious and persistent about the content. Also, make sure you research the experts beforehand and keep your questions ready.

  1.  Instagram reels-

Since the new feature of reels being introduced on Instagram, the following has been increased tremendously. Also, people have shifted more to Instagram than Facebook these days. Instagram reels are short videos of seconds that people watch and interact with. This makes them engaged with the application and explores more on this feature. For your content, we advise you to start making reels and adapt the newer feature early on. This will portray to Instagram that you are ready for trying out newer features and will promote your account. Therefore, don’t forget to curate content not just for posts but also for other features.

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