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How testing SMS routes and deliverability can help save on SMS campaigns?

Your online business will generate even more revenue if you choose the right marketing campaign. Customers should know about the brand as much as possible without going to the main page of its site.

How to provide each user with basic information about the company and its news? It is enough to set up the SMS sending correctly.

It often happens that customers don’t get SMS messages from the company. The effectiveness of such messaging tends to be zero. To make sure that customers see your news as it is in the template, try using delivery testing methods.

What is SMS Deliverability?

SMS deliverability is an indicator of how effective your ad campaign is. The more messages reach their addresses, the better it is for your organization.

You can conduct SMS testing and send out notifications to your clients, partners, investors, and so on. They need to know as much as possible about you. Only in this case, you can count on prompt feedback.

You don’t need to send the same message to every contact group. It won’t evoke the same effect. If the information about a new product will be important for potential buyers, it is better f to describe in what ways the new device is useful for business.

Your company will grow much faster if your messages are delivered to as many customers as possible. This way you will get loyal clients and investors who will be ready to start or continue cooperation with your brand.

Why are sometimes messages not delivered?

Messages appear in your clients’ inbox within a few seconds after being sent.

But don’t expect that everyone from the contact base will receive an advertising message at the same time. In some cases, messages are not delivered.

There may be several reasons for this, which you should study before starting planning an advertising campaign:

  1. Incorrectly specified phone number. A client in a hurry could miss or confuse the digit of their number, or write a landline number. In this case, the probability that the user will read your message is zero.
  2. Network problems. If the signal is violated or other technical reasons that affect the speed of delivery of notifications appear, the text message didn’t get delivered.
  3. Overflowed inbox folder on the phone. If there are too many messages in the “Inbox” and there is not enough space for new ones, your notifications won’t be displayed on the client’s smartphone.
  4. Blocked due to spam. Many operators strive to protect their customers from spam messages. Therefore, if your messaging list consists of a huge number of identical SMS, algorithms might identify them as spam, and the SMS will not be delivered. In order for mass messaging to reach customers, it is worth dividing contacts into several groups and sending them different messages.

Following the simple tips below will help you reduce the percentage of messages that don’t reach their recipients.

Each client to whom you want to tell about your company will know the basic information and will be able to start working with you after receiving messages within bulk SMS campaigns.

What are bulk SMS tests and how do they work?

To make sure that each notification reaches the addressee, you will need to start bulk SMS testing. Testelium uses real devices to send messages to. The company representatives will be able to personally verify that the SMS will be displayed on the screen in the same form in which it was sent using the program for mass messaging.

You can set up automatic sending and make sure that messages arrive at the right time. For this, set certain parameters in the program, indicating the time and the list of contacts. Then it remains to wait until test SMS reaches their addresses. The received messages will show the name of the sender, the text, as well as the delivery time.

There is a separate service that allows you to send a test text message and see the delivery speed. You will find out how quickly messages will end up on your client’s phone.

This is an important parameter that you need to know before completing the setup of the messaging. You will be sure that the recipient will be able to start performing targeted actions in a few minutes because the message will be on their smartphone almost at the same minute.

Why is it important to test SMS before launching a mass texting campaign?

Testing the sending before launching an ad campaign is very important. You will be sure that the number of each client is correct and valid. You will also be able to perform text message testing and see if there is any prohibited information in the message text.

After that, the message will be sent to your subscribers at the same minute (or based on the schedule, which indicates the exact time of sending out).

Without preliminary tests, it is difficult to judge whether the selected messaging is suitable for the specific target audience. If the text of the message will be of interest only to a certain group of people, you shouldn’t send it to the entire contact base. Received messages will not have the desired effect.

How does the Testelium SMS testing tool work?

With the help of a gateway, which is required for mass messaging, you will know if your advertising campaign needs adjustments. But that’s not all you get when testing your mailing list. Other advantages of the chosen toolkit include:

  1. Sending messages to clients from all over the world. This means that the marketing campaign can be tailored for users who live outside of your country. So you can easily expand your target audience and increase sales in your company.
  2. Easy customization. The use of the testing service is straightforward, you can manually specify all the necessary parameters and start studying the effectiveness of your campaign.
  3. Reduced costs. If you regularly use the service to test messages, you will save on news notifications that don’t bring any results. You will pay for the messaging knowing for sure that each SMS will come to your client’s mobile phone.

If each loyal customer receives a message, undergoes SMS verification, and so on, this leads to an increase in the company’s awareness. You will notice that customers are more likely to follow the link provided in the SMS and take other actions. This indicates that the advertising campaign is interesting, and the text of the messages ideally matches the interests of the target audience.

Try Testelium for free!

Having enough tests before starting the messaging will help you create a truly high-quality and interesting advertising campaign. Don’t forget that messages must be customized to the target audience. This will help you avoid getting into your spam folder.

Receiving an SMS test by Testelium is a simple and quick way to make sure that each subscriber will receive an SMS notification about new products, promotions, and special offers from your brand. Conversion rates will increase, as will the number of satisfied customers. You can test the delivery of your messaging for free at https://testelium.com/.

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