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Earn Money and Get Smarter by Playing Strategy Games

Did you know that you can be money-smart when you train your brain with strategy games? The best part about improving your video games skills is using them to earn money. Below are some examples of these skills and how you can apply them in real life.

Kevin N. Cochran is the gamer and businessman behind the article below. He’s going to share with us the top reasons to play more strategy and puzzle games. Feel free to head to his page if you’re interested in seeing more of his other works.

iGaming Encourages You to Take Calculated Risks

iGaming or online gambling already involves taking big risks. By itself, taking a risk isn’t a bad thing – but it becomes harmful if you keep taking the same risks without learning from your mistakes.

Before logging into the top Canadian casino sites with real money online slots, consider playing some strategy games as warm-ups first. By nature, strategy games force you to stop, observe, and strategize. When applied to real life, you become smarter with your choices and the risks you choose to take.

You Become Observant and Alert to Changes

Thanks to the improvement of computer technology, the strategy games we have today are more polished. Game creators can place more clues, warnings, or hidden signs in strategic places since they’re no longer limited. Vital events are more discrete, which challenge and hone your observation skills.

It also applies to the world of online gambling games, when you’re up against players from other parts of the world. You may lose the chance to see your opponents’ facial expressions. However, you gain the opportunity to focus more on their actions and the situation.

Certain video games are built around the concept of making observations, like detective and mystery games. Some studies even prove that video game addicts are more observant. In the research, men diagnosed with internet gaming disorder had increased connectivity between seven pairs of regions in the brain than those without the disorder.

You Learn to Be More Strategic

Traditional board games like chess, Sudoku, and Scrabble reward players who create and commit to strategic plans. In games like chess, you learn to think fast. You get a better chance of winning the sooner you think up a strategy to counter your opponent’s.

In puzzle games like Crossword and Sudoku, you have to learn to keep your options open and consider the various answers that could fit the fields. Other than that, strategy and puzzle games also have an impact on:

●         Problem-solving

●        Spatial awareness

●        Analytical thinking

When applied to one’s life, it translates to a valuable life skill. You become more practical with the way you budget your income and expenses, for example. Or, you commit to a stable job rather than chase an impulsive and risky business venture that could leave you bankrupt.

They Keep You Focused On Long-Term Plans

A common issue with kids and people who grew up in the digital era is a shorter attention span. They have a more challenging time focusing on one task, which keeps them from finishing it sooner. They’re also more prone to fall into the temptation of instant gratification instead of committing to long-term investments.

If you feel you also have this behavior, you can curb it by playing certain strategy games. Consider playing those that require some level of memorization, hand-eye coordination, and real-time strategy-making. Some examples include League of Legends, Age of Empires, and games from the best casino Canadian offers.

They Develop Your Social and Leadership Skills

Engaging with people online encourages you to reach out and be more social with other players. To get better at approaching people, you should play strategy games that require you to join teams or form alliances.

Certain team-based games can even help you build and develop innate leadership skills. You learn to identify your teammates’ strengths, manage their tasks, and lead them with respect. Natural leaders may discover they have these traits sooner and develop them better as they play games. Bring these skills with you into the office or to your business.


Strategy and puzzle games are more than entertainment opportunities. They’re also excellent places from which to learn valuable life skills and practices. Now, you’ve got more reasons to play video games, but just make sure they’re educational or developmental for you.

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