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4 Nerdy Date Ideas for the Perfect Geeky Night

Going on a nerdy date can be a lot of fun. It doesn’t have to be you and your loved one locked up in your house for three days watching Lord of the Rings and eating pizza. The idea is for you and your sweetie to get out, do something fun and exciting together, and maybe turn it into a date night. Here are a few ideas for a geeky night.

1.  Take On a Challenge

There are lots of challenges to continue taking on for your geeky night of fun. One of the most popular challenges is attempting to name all the dead presidents in the United States. This is a fun way to spend a couple of hours learning about dead guys. It can be ridiculously entertaining.

You can name them and see how fast you complete your list or how many you can remember. And then reward the one who gets most of the correct answers. The competitiveness will be sure to give you some stimulating conversation over dinner or at the bar later that night.

 Another option is to name all the state capitals, monarchs in English history, or actors who played James Bond. Challenges are a lot of fun and a great way to showcase your smarts. They also show you a side of your partner that you probably didn’t know about.

2.  Take A Stroll In The Park

No one thinks to do this on a date night, but that’s because they’re not thinking about it hard enough! There are many romantic settings for a walk, from misty forests to woodland trails or a chill park down the street. If you pick an isolated area, you can have a small picnic with champagne and chocolates to really set the mood. Make it geeky and romantic with roses delivery and a fiction geek to discuss through the night.

If it’s wintertime, do not forget appropriate attire. You don’t want to cut your date short because you forgot a hat, scarf, and mittens.

3.  Snuggle With a Scary Movie

What could possibly be more exciting than a scary movie marathon with your sweetie? Movie marathons are always fun, but why not make one all about your favorite scary movies?

Being in each other’s company will make it less frightening, so you’ll have a better time catching up on your favorite ghost stories and monster flicks. Be sure to keep some chocolate by your side. If you’re really trying to set the mood, break out a few candles, turn down the lights, and get some popcorn.

4.  Take a Class Together

Depending on the form of entertainment you or your partner enjoy most, numerous courses are available at local community centers. Most of them come at relatively low prices. You could take rock climbing, cooking, or drawing classes together. Your options depend on what you’re into.

If you enjoy music, consider taking guitar lessons. Most of them charge per hour and can be a great way to explore your musical side. You don’t need to complete a whole course. A few hours may be enough to learn the basics.

 Your geeky date night doesn’t need to be cliché or boring. If you are creative, you can make it one of the most exciting nights of your life. Simple ideas to try out include taking on a fun challenge, strolling in the park, taking a class together, and watching a few scary movies.

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