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Top tech jobs to consider as a student in 2021

The tech industry has become the most sought after job industry out there. It also has over half of the highest paying jobs in the world. There are so many options and benefits to working in the industry but companies are still having difficulties filling these positions. It can be a struggle sometimes for IT Support Companies to keep up with the demands. Since the tech world is developing at such a rapid pace, which makes it difficult for those who are entering the market to know exactly what is expected of them when it comes to the job. These are some of the most in demand tech jobs in 2021.

  1. Data Scientist

Data science offers one of the highest paying salaries. Large corporations will always require data collection to ensure that they are constantly improving their business offerings. The more data that is collected, the more work there is for data scientists to do. Most universities these days offer bachelor’s degrees in computer or data science and there are many opportunities available for internships where data scientists are needed.

  1. Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

Machine learning and AI is one of the highest paying fields in tech, with an approximate annual salary of around $150,000 each year. Artificial intelligence technology is continuously evolving and there is an ever growing need for specialists in this field. If you’d like to follow this path it’s best to start preparing before you get to college since this is one of the most competitive industries and will continue to get more competitive.

  1. Software Engineer

Choosing to go into software engineering will open doors for many job opportunities. The job requirements are flexible and companies are currently more focused on hiring people that have experience in the field, over those with only college degrees. There are many ways to gain software development experience online, with many courses and resources available online.

  1. Information Security Analyst

As we become more reliant on the internet, online security is becoming one of the most common issues that people are dealing with. This has built a growing need for internet security specialists. The main role of internet security analysts is to protect systems from cyber security threats, which could be private or for business. Students that would like to become an information security analyst should choose a degree that focuses on programming or computer science. A bachelor’s degree is not always a requirement but you will need some form of cyber security experience.

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