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The Pixel 6’s wireless charging speeds reportedly go up to 23 watts

Google’s next generation of Pixels is coming with even faster wireless charging speeds than what current models offer. As proof, a new report from Android Police claims that Google is planning a Google Pixel 23-watt WL Stand for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Alongside the Pixel phones, Google regularly debuts accessories such as cases and wireless charging stands. The Pixel 6 is likely not bucking that trend, as the report, which cites a retail source, notes. The retail source works for a carrier that has already begun to input support for the new accessories as the launch date approaches. The accessories include the Google Pixel 23W WL Stand and a Demo Google Pixel 23W WL Stand, the latter of which is likely for showcasing the phones in stores.

This would represent a substantial jump for the Pixel’s wireless charging speeds. Google has also supported up to 10W charging speeds in the Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 via its Pixel stand. A 23W speed would be over double that amount. This would also be a bit more than the Pixel’s current 18W wired charging speed — one that has always fallen short of the 25W, 33W, or even 60W you could find on rivals from Samsung, OnePlus, and Huawei.

Google is also rumored to be increasing the Pixel 6’s wired speed up to 33W. This rumor comes from a report by 91 Mobiles citing testing going on in the company’s headquarters. Of course, with Google going the same way as Apple and Samsung and leaving chargers out of the box, you’ll need to buy a faster charger to take advantage of the increased speeds. If you’re upgrading from a Pixel 5 or earlier, your charger would be capped at 18W, as already mentioned. At least the option for more, unlike before, is now present.

Speedy charging is a benefit offered by most phones. Even as batteries balloon and last longer, charging time on regular chargers would be sure to drag out. By implementing fast charging support, phone makers are able to offer larger batteries while also shortening charging times. While some people have speculated that these increased speeds could damage batteries, advancements in battery and USB power delivery technology make it likely that your battery will be able to survive the full lifetime of your phone.

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