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How to Choose the Best Shipping Software for Your Biz

Multi carrier shipping software is an important investment for any biz that ships orders. Shipping software brings many benefits to the shipping process, including automating key tasks and improving communication between your team members.

Before you invest in software, you’ll want to research and choose the best shipping software for your business.

Here are some key criteria you should consider when deciding on a shipping provider:

1. Budget

When choosing the best shipping software for your business, budget is an important factor. There are many different price points within the industry, so it’s important to take inventory of your current shipping needs and choose the software that strikes a balance between functionality and price. You’ll also want to look at the long-term cost implications, as some providers charge yearly maintenance fees while others don’t. Furthermore, some providers bill in a one-time setup fee, while others require a monthly or yearly subscription.

You’ll also want to consider the industry when choosing the best shipping software for your company. Shipping software is truly an investment. If you aren’t completely happy with the provider, that hurt feelings could affect morale or prevent future growth within your business. In addition, some providers are focused on specific industries such as e-commerce, retail, and restaurants. A provider specializing in these areas will likely have the upper hand over a generalist who lacks experience and understanding of industry intricacies and pain points.

2. Ease of use

The software provider should also be user-friendly to easily train staff and switch between different users. Some providers charge for training, while others offer free tutorials or webinars to help get your biz up to speed quickly. You’ll want to consider if the features are intuitive enough that your team will learn how to use them without much handholding, as well as whether there is an existing support system available if questions arise.

3. Shipping Marketplaces

If you currently offer international shipping from China to the US or plan on doing so, choosing a provider that integrates with all of the major shipping marketplaces is very important. You should consider which international shipping marketplaces are most relevant to your business and choose a provider that supports those channels.

When looking at which best shipping software for your company, the size of your business should also be a key consideration. There are many different providers to choose from, each with its pros and cons.

For example, some providers offer a free tier for small businesses that only ship on occasion. Other companies require substantial volume or minimum shipping fees before adding tags, making them impractical for start-ups shipping one or two orders a month.

4. API Capabilities

API capabilities are key if you want to build your bespoke solution or have bespoke integrations beyond the native options provided by current partners. When choosing the best shipping software for your biz, look for a provider that offers an option to build custom APIs.

When choosing the best software for your biz, you’ll also want to consider how it will work with other elements in your tech stack, which includes any software and apps that support your biz operations: order management systems, inventory managers, and websites comprise just some of the items that may be used in your current business setting.

5. Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer service is always important when you’re choosing the best shipping software for your biz. Look at reviews of existing customers to get an idea of customer service quality. To make sure you get quick responses to technical questions or issues, choose a provider with 24/7 tech support. 6 The Best Shipping Software For Your Biz Take inventory of your current needs and assess which software fulfills those needs while providing great value for the price. Consider which marketplaces you want to ship through and how important international shipping is regarding your business goals. Make sure you consider all of the criteria above before making a final decision, and you’ll be well on your way to choosing the best shipping software for your biz.

In conclusion, choosing the best shipping software for your biz is a crucial decision point. By taking stock of current needs and investing time in researching different providers, you’ll be able to find one that allows you to scale and meets your business goals on the path to success.