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What color Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 should you buy?


They say the third time’s the charm, and while that colloquialism isn’t always accurate, it certainly rings true with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. It is by far and away at the head of the class when it comes to foldables, and it got upgraded in all the right spots over its predecessors, including its screen, water-resistance, and S Pen compatibility. So if you can afford one, the question isn’t if you should get one. Instead, it’s what color Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 should you buy? Although there are only three variants of the new folding phone, we’ll help you choose which color Galaxy Z Fold 3 you should buy.

Green with envy

Galaxy Z Fold 3 — Phantom Green

Staff Pick

It’s difficult to pick a favorite among these foldy phones because they all look so good, but our eyes were immediately drawn to the new coolness of the Phantom Green variant. This phone delivers a pop of unexpected color but in a tone that isn’t offensive and won’t clash with your outfit or accessories. Pair it with one of the new leather cases to take it up another notch.

From $1,800 at Samsung From $1,800 at Amazon

Silver surfer

Galaxy Z Fold 3 — Phantom Silver


Like the Galaxy S10 series before it, the Phantom Silver Z Fold 3 has an iridescent quality that gives it a sort of rainbow shimmer that is constantly changing, depending on how the light is hitting it. However, unlike those S10 phones, the Z Fold 3 has more of a matte finish, which, along with the lighter color, shows fewer fingerprints or smudges than its darker counterparts.

From $1,800 at Samsung From $1,800 at Amazon

Back in black

Galaxy Z Fold 3 — Phantom Black

Just because this variant is listed last doesn’t mean it’s the worst option, not by a long shot. The matte black finish makes it look at once both futuristic and timeless, and it’s sure to go well with any case or accessory. And like the others, the finish does a fantastic job of hiding fingerprints, which is something that black phones are usually prone to.

From $1,800 at Samsung From $1,800 at Amazon

There is no wrong color for the Galaxy Z Fold 3


The first few generations of the Z Fold lineup gave us some wild, flashy, and even glossy designs, but this third generation’s colors have matured as the device itself has matured. The three color variants carry the mantle of the S21 lineups Phantom hues, including the regal Phantom Silver and classic Phantom Black. But for our money, neither option is quite as enticing as the all-new Phantom Green. It combines style and sophistication in an interesting yet understated way to appeal to early adopters and corporate pencil pushers alike. Of course, if you want a folding phone with more color options, you can always take a look at the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Samsung has made the Galaxy Z Fold 3 more durable than ever, with an IPX8 water-resistance rating, stronger glass and hinges, and a tougher screen protector. However, it’s still a folding phone and thus likely more fragile than some of the other best Android phones. So while you’re taking advantage of all the good trade-in deals, why not throw some of the money you’ll be saving towards a great case for your Galaxy Z Fold 3. Your phone will thank you!

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