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Top 5 Tips To Promote Your Android Games In 2021


There are very few people in the world between the ages of 20-40 who do not use Android phones. And when it comes to mobile games, you will find none other like Android phones. I hope you all will agree with this, right?

Thus, due to the popularity of Android phones in the market, the need for adopting an effective game promotional strategy is much needed. But hey, all game developers, how many of you know how to promote Android mobile games effectively? Well, I guess the number is minimal.

Bringing your mobile game under the attention is more critical than getting Instagram followers or a Facebook audience. Therefore, we are here with this guide today for game developers listing the best 5 promotional tips for mobile games in 2021.    

Top 5 Tips To Promote Your Android Games In 2021

A game having a vast organic audience base would help you shine in the game development industry. Undoubtedly, it is not a cup of tea, but you can achieve success in multiple ways with strategic plans.

Marketing is a critical task in a business; however, if you get to know the core hacks, your business will reach the next level.

Yes, I know that you are prioritizing market research now, but plan harder than that. Take a look at the 5 tips below to give your newly developed android games a pair of new wings to fly higher.  

1. Focus More On The App Store Optimization

App store optimization is something that every game developer is familiar with. However, are you a newbie in the market? Then you might not know what ASO is and how you can leverage it.

It is time to learn something useful!

If you are heading on to promoting the game for the first time, remember that organic downloads are a must. Furthermore, a good ASO helps you create cut-throat competition. So, as of now, concentrate on videos, icons, screenshots, descriptions, and titles vigorously and then see what wonder it does to your game.    

2. Approach To Several Game Publishers

 Before we move further in explaining this point, let me clarify one fact that collaborating with a renowned publisher is not an easy task to do. Therefore, you have to play your cards wisely to make this requirement achievable.

Then, what to do? Firstly, start informing the publishers of your projects, sample works, or draft works. In addition, propose to them your future game development plans in an as engaging way as possible. I bet that you would receive a call or text from them in a short time.

3. Do Not Forget To Cross-Promote With Other Games

Cross-promotion always works if every other trick fails. Suppose you are about to promote one of your previously developed games. Couple it with another newly developed one and promote both of them together. You will experience organic downloads for both magically.

But, make sure that you are promoting both games to the right audience as you are doing it simultaneously. I am sure you would see the desired improvement quickly.

Do you know what;’s best about cross-promotion? You do not need to incur any extra bucks for it. That is actually pretty amazing!     

4. Organize Paid Campaigns On Social Media Sites

What do you think about social media? Is it all about only sharing photos and getting likes/reactions or comments? Absolutely not; social media is a fantastic platform for bringing your business or products under the limelight. 

So when you are thinking of planning a mobile game promotion, keep social media in your regime and run paid campaigns. Trust me; it is one of the most viable social media tips for marketing your game in 2021.

What’s more? The Facebook Business Manager provides fantastic segmentation options along with an analysis of your campaign performance. Isn’t that cool?

5. Display The Network Advertisements

Although it is a little costlier than the other tips mentioned above, it is worth trying at least once. How many video game-specific display networks have you heard of? There is a myriad in the market- Live Gamer, Epic Game Ads, Ad Exchange, Chartboost, Unity Ads, etc.

But as a beginner, you might face certain troubles to get this procedure done appropriately. So you can keep it as your last preference, but once you learn how to do this, you will be boosted.  


The promotion of Android mobile games is something that sounds easier than the actual scenario. So it is pretty obvious that you have to work extra hard to make your game rank higher among the list of your competitors.

Was this post helpful to you? Let me know your opinion in the comment box. Also, spread the post amongst others who need clarification in promoting android games. You know, knowledge magnifies once you share.

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