Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Survey results predict a surprisingly positive reception to Windows 11


It’s been a few months since Windows 11 first rolled out in beta, and a new survey now finds that 53% of people might upgrade to the new operating system.

Conducted by Windows Report, the survey shows that 53% of people think Windows 11 “looks amazing, and can’t wait to install it.” On the other end, only 13% of respondents chose the response, “I don’t like it, I’m not going to upgrade.”

Despite big visual changes to the Start Menu and Taskbar, another 21% indicated that Windows 11 is pretty similar to Windows 10. Meanwhile, 7% appeared to be let down, responding that “I expected a bigger overhaul,” while 6% said “the design is inspired from MacOS.”

Another part of the survey covered people who are willing to switch devices to run the new operating system. Thirty-five percent of respondents indicated they might switch to a touch-based device to enjoy Windows 11, while 14% indicated they’re skeptical about how Windows 11 will behave. That first group is good news for the Surface lineup, which, as we have argued, could finally become true iPad competitors thanks to Windows 11.

Even Windows 7 users might be upgrading to Windows 11. When polled, 57% responded and indicated that they will upgrade to Windows 11 when released. Windows Reports indicated that almost half of Windows 7 users have a Windows 11-compatible device, too.

Other responses were related to the minimum requirements. Forty-three percent of people indicated their device can run Windows 11, with everything validated. Only 20% of people don’t have the requirements of the operating system.

Windows 11 requires a TPM 2.0 chip, or an Intel 8th-generation, or AMD Ryzen 2000, or newer processor. In the survey, 42% of people said they plan to upgrade their TPM chip to run Windows 11, and 18% already have one.

The Windows Report survey was conducted using Crowdsignal, and received answers from 11,097 people in 177 countries. Based on the operating systems, 89% of people were running Windows 10, 6% Windows 7, 1%  MacOS, 1%  ChromeOS, 1%  Linux, and 2% other operating systems.

Microsoft is still in the process of beta testing Windows 11, and it is set for a release later this holiday season. You can sign up to be a Windows Insider if you want to download the operating system today. Seventeen percent of people participating in this survey signed up for the program to get the operating system early.

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