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IPVanish Download: How to install on Android, Windows, Mac & more


Even if you’ve heard of the service, you might not yet know how to download IPVanish in order to get set up with one of the best VPN services on the market. If that sounds like you, we’ve got you covered with this guide.


For those just getting started with a VPN, it can be a little bit daunting when it comes to getting started. Even if you’ve found what appears to be the best service for your needs, the process for installing it isn’t always straightforward. Fear not, though, as we’ll guide you through the process of downloading and installing IPVanish on various platforms.

Whether you want to get set up with IPVanish on Windows PCs, a Mac, iPhone, or Android device, our step-by-step guides will help you get up and running.

How to download IPVanish on Android

Getting started with IPVanish on Android is not too difficult. First, you’ll want to purchase your preferred plan at its website.

Once you’ve got set up with an account and active subscription, you have a couple of options when it comes to downloading and installing the IPVanish app on your Android device. The easiest route is via Google Play. You can search for IPVanish in the Play Store or, if you want to be certain you’re getting the right app, click the Google Play link on IPVanish’s ‘Apps’ page to be taken there directly.

If you prefer, you could download the IPVanish APK from that same page. This may be necessary in certain locations where IPVanish is not listed in the Play store. It’s a little bit trickier to install Android apps this way with some system settings that need changing, so we only really recommend it if you have to do it.

Once you have the app installed, it’s as simple as logging in with the account information you created online. You’ll then be able to connect to a VPN server of your choice in a location that meets your needs.

How to download IPVanish on Windows 10

For IPVanish on Windows, you’ll want to start directly at its website too. You don’t need to sign up for an account to download the Windows app itself, but to actually log in and use it you will need an active membership so it makes sense to head to the site and sign up now.

Head to IPVanish’s ‘Apps’ landing page and select Windows. Then, simply click Download Windows App and you’ll have the installer in your downloads in a few moments. Open that installer and follow the prompts to set up IPVanish like you would any other program.

This installer will ask you to grant certain permissions for IPVanish to be able to run properly which may put you off but, since it is a trusted VPN provider, you can allow these permissions without worry — just make sure you’re downloading the IPVanish app directly from the source so you know you’re getting the real deal. Any VPN app you install will need to have consent in order to actually work.

Once installed, enter your account details and you’re then just a click away from an active VPN connection.

How to download IPVanish on iPhone

iPhone (and iPad) users are advised to start their IPVanish journey at its website where you can sign up for an account directly. Though you can use the iOS app to create an IPVanish account and subscribe to the service, the pricing through the App Store is much higher than when going direct to IPVanish first.

Once you have your IPVanish account and subscription set up, downloading IPVanish for iOS is much the same as any other iPhone or iPad. Head to the App Store, search for IPVanish, and click on Get. Enter your Apple ID password if prompted and the app will download for free.

To get IPvanish working on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to log in with the account you just created at IPVanish’s site. The first time you try to connect to one of IPVanish’s servers, you’ll be asked for permission to ‘add VPN configurations’. This needs to be approved in order for IPVanish to function and will love you over to your Settings app in order to authenticate with Face ID/Touch ID or your passcode. This is standard procedure for any VPN app on iOS.

Head back to the IPVanish app and you’ll be able to connect to a VPN server of your choice from then on.

How to download IPVanish on Mac

If you plan to use IPVanish as your Mac VPN app, the process is much the same as that of Windows PC users outlined above.

Head to the IPVanish website to create an account and subscribe, then click through to its ‘Apps’ page to grab the Mac app. Click Download Mac App and run the installer.

Once you’ve completed the installer steps, you’ll have to give IPVanish permission to run via your System Preferences. You’ll be prompted to do this the first time you run it and you’ll need to enter your system user name and password.

After that, you’ll simply need to log in with your IPVanish account details and you’ll be able to connect in one click.

Why should I download IPVanish?

Whether you want a secure VPN or just a cheap monthly VPN plan, IPVanish is a solid choice for most users.

Since security and privacy are so important when considering your next VPN purchase, you’ll be please to know IPVanish is solid in this department. Security offerings include AES 256-bit-CBC encryption along with a SHA256 hash algorithm, which means excellent cover as your data moves about online.

You get multiple protocol options with IPVanish as well as a kill switch to keep you safe should your connection drop. There’s also IPv6 leak protection, proprietary, and some third-party DNS, plus an OpenVPN scramble option to stop you from being detected as using a VPN. That means less chance of being blocked while using this VPN – ideal for streaming sites.

Throughout our testing of IPVanish, we noticed its servers were almost always up and running, the download speeds were consistent, and slightly above most of the others we tested.

Another area where IPVanish excels is customer support. You can get support any time since the company offers 24/7 coverage, and agents are able to be reached right from within the iOS and Android apps. It really doesn’t get easier than this, and the company recently moved from a 7-day to 30-day money-back guarantee.

Essentially, IPVanish is a very powerful VPN service, works on most devices, and offers a reliable experience.

IPVanish VPN


From $3.75 per month at IPVanish

IPVanish may not have the biggest numbers for stats, but the service that the company offers is reliable and fast. Getting set up takes just minutes, so start today!

What other VPN options do I have?

While IPVanish is one of the highest-rated VPNs out there, it is not without competition in the market with both free VPNs and paid VPN options available from other providers.

In our testing, we gave ExpressVPN the title of best overall VPN thanks to its excellent apps for basically every platform, rock-solid connections, wide range of servers, and fast speeds. Those wanting the best experience possible should check it out.

NordVPN performed really well in our review testing too and is one of the most well-known names out there. Another top option is Surfshark VPN, which is one of the cheapest VPN options available while still offering a competitive feature set. If you want to save a bit of money on your VPN, it’s worth a look.

ExpressVPN: The absolute best VPN option for most people


This is our top pick for anyone looking to get started with a VPN. It offers a great mix of speed, reliability, outstanding customer service, and affordability. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so give it a shot today.

From $6.67/mo at ExpressVPN

NordVPN: The most well-known VPN for security


From $3.71/mo at NordVPN

NordVPN offers an insane amount of server locations that you can pick from and is one of the best services for unblocking streaming services. It’s definitely the most well-known brand in the VPN space right now.

Surfshark VPN: The best cheap VPN out there


From $2.49/mo at Surfshark

With plans starting out at about 8 cents per day, it’s really hard to ignore Surfshark. It offers a ton of great features that you’d expect from a VPN provider and is super simple to use.

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