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Humankind on Stadia features State Share and direct touch controls



Direct touch controls available for Android at launch, with iOS coming soon.

What you need to know

  • Humankind will feature Stadia’s State Share feature known as ‘Leave Your Mark.’
  • Leave Your Mark allows friends to play your game world through a screenshot or video clip.
  • The game will be the first to feature direct touch controls as an alternative to a touch gamepad overlay.

The Stadia version of Sega and Amplitude Studios’ 4X strategy game Humankind will support the State Share feature and offer direct touch controls for Android users when it launches this week.

The State Share feature is known as ‘Leave Your Mark’ within the game and allows friends to compete against your accomplishments from your game world through a shared screenshot or video clip. The Mark gives players the ability to explore Memories Events, complete challenges, and discover Archeology Sites for bonuses and special events.

Humankind, which is looking to be one of the best Stadia games of 2021, will also be one of the first Stadia titles to offer direct touch controls for mobile users. Players will be able to control the game with tapping, holding, and dragging gestures instead of tapping buttons from a gamepad overlay on the screen.


The direct control setting can be enabled when launching the game on mobile without a controller linked. The feature will be available for Android users at launch and will be coming soon to the mobile web on iOS.

Humankind is available for preorder and launches for Stadia, PC, and Mac on Tuesday, August 17.

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