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Fine-tune your recommendations on Android TV with these steps



Google is continuing the transition from Android TV to Google TV by introducing elements of the new Google TV interface onto existing Android TV devices, including some of the best Android TVs. In addition to recently adding the watchlist feature, Google now allows Android TV users to curate their recommendations using the “tune” feature, which gives users more control over what they see in their recommended content sections. Here’s what you need to do to fine-tune your recommendations on Android TV.

Fine-tune your recommendations on Android TV

Google now makes it easy to curate recommendations on Android TV via the new tune feature, which was first introduced as part of the new Google TV interface and is now rolling out on Android TV. Here’s what you need to fine-tune your recommendations on your Android TV device:

From your homepage, navigate to the Settings tab located at the upper right corner of your screen.


Scroll to Device Preferences.

Select Home Screen.


Scroll down and choose Content Preferences. You will be asked to click on the left and right buttons on your remote to filter through the recommendations.

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Similar to the swipe left/swipe right feature on dating apps, selecting the left button on your remote while fine-tuning your recommendations means “less like this,” and the right button means “more like this.” Your choices are then used to improve recommendations shown under your “Discover” tab.

The transition to Google TV

As mentioned previously, Google announced at the end of 2020 that it had plans to replace the existing Android TV interface with the updated Google TV interface, which first debuted on the Chromecast with Google TV device. However, the brand also confirmed it would continue to implement the generic Android TV interface on devices released by a handful of other manufacturers, including Sony, until 2022. As a result, continued integration of Google TV on Android TV devices is expected to roll out over the next year.

Along those lines, the tune feature was an existing Google TV tool introduced via a software update on existing Android TV devices in July 2021. Other useful elements also brought over from Google TV at that time include the ability to create and manage a watchlist on an Android TV device and an updated details page that automatically starts playing film trailers and other eligible content.

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