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Best Online Advertising Strategies for Businesses in 2021

A great marketing campaign has a huge impact on any brand. We have seen several such campaigns that made an impact in the world. They went viral across the globe because they sparked public interest. No one can deny how addictive an activity could be once it becomes a trend. But, who sets the trend? How does one strategically set a trend? There is a lot of planning involved in the whole process. One needs to dive into the mind of their audience to come up with a great idea that will set a social trend and interest the maximum number of people. 

For viral marketing campaigns, there are some very specific things that one should keep in mind. Here are some suggestions to consider: 

Use Catchy Hashtags 

You need to make catchy hashtags so that you attract attention. It should not be too long. It should be provocative. Puns work best when it comes to making hashtags. You can also go bilingual with them but that would limit its reach. For that matter, we suggest that you remain focused on one language.

Come with a Unique Idea

You need to brainstorm at this point. The idea decides how far your campaign could go. It decides your audience and changes the view of your audience. The idea should be impactful and convincing. The idea of your campaign will show the intent of your services, which is why you need to consider a number of things like morals, ethics, cultural factors, etc. How does the campaign affect people, why one should follow it, and, most importantly, what does he reap at the end – what is the byproduct of the whole endeavor. If the campaign is for a social cause, the chances are, it will go places. If it is just promoting your brand, people may lose interest in following it; they might be convinced into buying your service, but it won’t be memorable, The whole idea of a campaign is to involve people in an activity to make a bond—a connection with the customer. That is how you make loyal clients that eventually become brand ambassadors.

Set the Right Tone with the Perfect Theme and Color 

Once you have finalized an attractive idea, the next thing is to decide on a theme and the color. Because your campaign will be launched through social media, you need to set colors and themes while materializing your idea on the screen. Sparkling colors increase the reach. Visuals are extremely important when it comes to social media platforms. You certainly need to consider the quality of your image, the colors, and the words you decide for your campaign. To make this whole thing possible, you definitely need a creative team and the perfect tools. You may as well not overlook the power of a good internet connection that can only make this whole activity possible; for which, our suggestion would be to contact AT&T customer service that may get you multiple services in a bundle at a good price. 

Here are a few examples of great marketing campaigns that got famous around the world and everyone loved them.

  1. Kellogg’s #GreatStarts 

Before the Olympics started in Rio, Kellogg’s started a campaign to mark 100 days countdown. Many celebrities from Brazil and other countries participated in the campaign and got their audience into following the Olympics. But the campaign did not remain restricted to the Olympics. Days after the Olympics were over, people started using it for other reasons as well. For example, they would use the hashtag to illustrate the other activities from the day. People would take a picture of a coffee mug and post it on their social media to illustrate the meaning of a great start. Then some of the people started using it sarcastically, like when they received a text of a canceled plan from a friend, they took the screenshot and posted it on their social media with the hashtag. The success of a great campaign can be calculated by the reach in the audience it receives – the popularity. If you get some celebrities to follow the trend, most of your work will be done.

  • Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke 

The hashtag speaks for itself. Coca-Cola came up with this idea with the incentive to inculcate the attribute of “sharing” with others. It connected people straightforwardly for its sentimental motive – which is a great idea when it comes to creating marketing campaigns for a big company. It makes the audience believe that the brand is not all about making money; it is much more than that. This does not mean that the brand completely overlooks its own profit. The smart way is to do both at once. For example, if you closely observe how it worked, you’d see the company made a huge profit from it by making people buy the Coke with the customized printed names of their loved ones on it. This made the whole activity personal as well as attractive. 

  • The ALS Association’s #IceBucketChallenge 

If you search for this hashtag on Instagram, there will be a group of people somewhere in the world still performing this activity and tagging their friends to participate in it. The campaign was so much fun that it went viral for years, though at its peak at a specific time. ALS Association came up with this idea in 2014 to spread awareness about Lou Gehrig’s disease. Their motive was to raise money for the victims of the rare disease. Many celebrities participated in this challenge, which made the whole activity fun and interesting but at the same time alarming to those who actually did it and realized the pain of the sufferers. 

  • RYU Apparel’s  #WhatsInYourBag 

An RYU Apparel campaign recently went viral. The campaign was created to spark curiosity in the minds of the public who would want to see the products that RYU customers had in their bags. The clothing brand started out by inviting people to share an inside picture of their bags to show whatever belongings they kept in their bags.    

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