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A redesigned, colorful MacBook Air with mini-LED display to launch by mid-2022

Famed Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo is back with another prediction on the upcoming MacBook Air. As reported by MacRumors, Kuo claims the new machine will launch in around mid-2022, come in a variety of colors, and feature a mini-LED screen. He also believes the upcoming MacBook Airs will have a redesigned form factor that will match the design of the upcoming 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

In July, Kuo predicted that Apple is soon going to announce the new MacBook Air with a 13-inch mini-LED display set to be released in mid-2022. While most of the details from his latest report remain the same as the predictions he made earlier, he did mention a couple of new features.

Kuo believes that it will come in multiple colors, feature a mini-LED display, a new Apple Silicon SoC, and will undergo a design overhaul to match the form factor of the upcoming MacBook Pros. He mentioned that the machine will leverage flatter top and bottom edges, sport a faster Apple silicon chip, and a MagSafe-branded magnetic power cable. As for its chassis, he believes it will include more squared-off edges similar to the ones we see in the current iPad Pro. Kuo’s predictions on the new MacBook Air match with the ones made earlier by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg and the tipster Jon Prosser.

Kuo is unsure about whether the new model will replace the current M1 model or exist as a high-end option. The current model was among the first Apple Silicon Macs when it debuted in late 2020, though the chassis has remained the same since much earlier. Kuo believes if the existing version is discontinued, then the new model will be available at a starting price of the current M1 MacBook Air. On the other hand, if the current version stays, he believes it will undergo a price cut and the new model’s price will be raised to exist as a higher-end alternative.

Kuo also believes that the Chinese manufacturer BOE will become the new Apple supplier for mini-LED displays on the new MacBook Airs, while LG, Sharp, and Foxconn subsidiary GIS will supply mini-LED displays for the upcoming MacBook Pro models.