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7 Best Android Launchers in 2021


Android is one of the more configurable mobile operating systems, especially its Apple equivalent, iOS. You don’t need to root your Android device or install a custom recovery and ROM to spice up your home screen. If you want to modify the appearance of your device’s pre-installed user interface (UI), all you need to do is download one of the finest Android launchers. A launcher is an app that shows your home screen, including your apps, widgets, app drawer, and so on.

Android launchers make it simple to modify the appearance of your Android handsets while avoiding the technical side of things. Do you require anything similar to vanilla Android? It comes with a launcher. Something simple? Is it very adaptable? There is a launcher for Android for that. If you’ve recently purchased a new smartphone and want to add more aesthetics to it, or if you’re tired of your existing home screen, you may choose one of these Android launchers. Even if you have one of the greatest Android phones available, there is always a way to improve things without spending a lot of money. If you want more tips and tricks for your Android devices, visit our website ( for the best tips, how-to guides, and tutorials for your Android devices.

Listed below is a list of the top Android launchers you can use to alter your device’s home screen layout in only a couple of seconds.

  1. Nova Launcher
  1. Lawnchair 2
  1.  Action Launcher.
  1.   Microsoft Launcher
  1. Super Launcher
  1. Apex Launcher
  1. POCO Launcher 2

1.   Nova Launcher

It’s no secret that Nova Launcher is one of the greatest Android launchers out there. The app drawer, app icon style, icon size, and much more can all be changed. The addition of icon and theme packs opens up a whole new world of customizability options for Windows.

Using the premium version, you’ll have even more options for customizing the launcher’s appearance and feel. New versions of the launcher are released often, and there’s a thriving customizing community. When switching phones or resetting Android, you may also create a backup of your customization settings.

2.   Lawnchair 2

If you’re looking for a simple Android launcher, check out Lawnchair 2. Much to Google’s Pixel launcher, the UI is crisp and simple to navigate. Icon packs are supported in Lawnchair 2, meaning that additional icon packs of your choosing may be used with the game.

You can modify the Android launcher to suit your needs with its adaptable icons and customizable icon sizes. You may download Lawnchair 2 for free and customize your home screen in a similar way to Pixel Launcher.

3.   Action Launcher

It’s simple to customize your home screen with Action Launcher’s powerful gesture controls and omnipresent Covers and Shutters, which conceal folders and widgets behind app icons. If Quicktheme’s color palette falls short, you may now set Material palette colors or custom hex code colors to achieve a more unified appearance! As a result of this long-awaited functionality, live wallpapers and themes users will find Action Launcher much more helpful.

4.   Microsoft launcher

A simple home screen is fed by your Microsoft account, your daily phone use, and any widgets you want to add. Even if you’re not familiar with Microsoft’s environment, having a page of widgets that scrolls are preferable to having them spread out across 3 or 4 other pages. This launcher offers all of them and then some, despite its rather cumbersome settings when it comes to launcher choices.

5.   Super launcher

P 9.0 themed android launcher. This launcher program is very configurable. However, it comes with advertising and lacks functionality without a premium version, which is a drawback. Ads slow down performance, but if you intend to use the app in offline mode, it might boost your device’s speed.

6.   Apex Launcher

When it comes to performance, this launcher lives up to its moniker. You may adjust your home screen grid size with up to nine displays in addition to a scrollable dock of up to five pages. By allowing endless scrolling to arrange the app drawer by use, Apex enhances convenience and efficiency. Features such as dynamic drawer customization and adjustable icon gestures make Apex Launcher pro a must-have for anybody. With a great mix between superb features and performance, it is the finest app on the market.

7.   POCO Launcher 2.0

POCO’s launcher differs from Xiaomi’s in that it has an app drawer with smart tabs and organizes apps for easier access. As a result, it is pre-installed on Xiaomi’s POCO devices. POCO Launchers are regarded as one of the fastest, most dependable, and most effective Android launchers available today. The app drawer’s classification and coloration make it easier to find apps. In addition to hiding app icons, you have the option of applying a dark theme to your smartphone—one of the quickest and easiest to use launchers available.


You can customize your phone with the finest Android launchers and make it seem like yours. Adding a minimalist skin or exploding colors and themes to your Android smartphone, these launchers provide an unimaginably wide range of customization possibilities.

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