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These business backpacks are both fashionable and functional


Even if you work remotely, there are times where you’ll be traveling and will need the best business backpack. We look for a balance of style and business savvy, which is why Nomatic is our favorite choice for a business backpack. This pack’s big focus is design and functionality, and that is why it’s also one of the best backpacks out there, even for just general purpose usage. But, of course, there are plenty of bags to suit your business needs, and we have them right here.

Best business backpack overall: Nomatic Travel Pack


Nomatic’s backpack was a huge hit on Kickstarter, and for a good reason. Thanks to the water-resistant material and waterproof zippers, tons of great features are built into this backpack for easy access, and you won’t have to worry about Mother Nature getting in. Security isn’t an issue because Nomatic’s Travel Pack has lockable perimeter zippers to help keep your things safe from thieves. There is also a hidden RFID blocking pocket built into the back of the bag, along with reflective printed ink to help make you visible during the evening.

It’s an incredibly stylish backpack and very comfortable to wear for long periods, even with being able to house up to a 15.5-inch laptop, 12-inch tablet, and every other accessory you’ll need. If your shoulders start to get tired, the Nomatic can be carried like a briefcase by merely unsnapping the back panel and tucking in the shoulder straps. It’s the little extras that make the Nomatic Travel Pack perfect for business and the top choice for business backpacks.

It’s fantastic for travel with hidden pockets, a roller bag sleeve, and a cord pass-through. It’s TSA friendly which makes getting through airport check-ins a lot easier and less stressful. Everything about this backpack makes it the perfect business backpack out there. It’s incredibly stylish, very durable, lots of awesome compartments and ways to access your bag. Plus, the company offers a lifetime warranty on its lineup of backpacks.


  • Exterior zippers are waterproof
  • Made from water-resistant fabric
  • Looks incredibly stylish
  • Lifetime warranty


  • It’s pricey
  • Comes in one color

Best business backpack overall

NOMATIC Travel Pack


  • $200 at Best Buy
  • $250 at B&H Photo

Business meets functionality meets fashion.

Nomatic’s backpack is lightweight, RFID protected, and incredibly durable, making it the best bag out there for business.

Best business backpack for value: KOPACK Business Laptop Backpack


The KOPACK Business Laptop Backpack is a great all-around backpack that will let you bring everything you need for work. It’s a tad bulky, but you’ll still look professional, and it comes at an excellent price. Capable of housing up to a 15.6-inch laptop, the Business Laptop Backpack has plenty of pockets, and those pockets can be neatly organized with built-in pouches.

The backpack has a lot of excellent storage space and neat little pockets to keep things like your wallet, passport, or cell phone secure from thieves. Also, the backpack sits more flush to your back due to its design, which means less added stress, making it pretty comfortable. We’re a huge fan of KOPACK’s backpack offerings, as the company makes one the best backpacks for Chromebooks as well as the Business Laptop Backpack.

Some might find this backpack a tad on the bulkier side, but that’s the price you have to pay when it comes to having a load of pockets. Although the ability to lock your zippers is an extremely convenient feature, you’ll have to find your own lock as KOPACK doesn’t include one.


  • Plenty of pockets
  • Well padded
  • Anti-theft compartments
  • Water-resistant


  • It’s bulky
  • You’ll have to find your own lock

Best business backpack for value

KOPACK Business Laptop Backpack


  • $34 at Amazon

A great backpack at a great price

Where the KOPACK Business Laptop Backpack lacks in style, it makes up with pockets, security, and padding in all the right places.

Best business backpack with style: Timbuk2 Parker Commuter Backpack


Timbuk2 steps up to the plate and hits a game-winning grand slam out of the ballpark with its Parker Commuter Backpack. This pack is the perfect balance between fully functional, weather-proof protection and business chic for any industry. Plus, it’s incredibly professional and stylish.

What is great is that the Parker is a 30-liter pack, weighs 3.8 lbs, and can hold a 15-inch laptop computer. You shouldn’t have any problems bringing all of your work essentials, and if you need a little extra space, the Parker is expandable. The air mesh back will keep you nice and cool. If you get caught in a downpour, the Parker comes with a completely waterproof cover to keep all of your things nice and dry. Plus, it has a lifetime warranty.

While having three zippered pockets on the front can be extremely convenient, you won’t want to keep anything of value in there. In addition, these are not theft-proof, and you won’t be able to lock them. You also may run into some issues at the airport, as the Parker Commuter is not TSA friendly.


  • Very durable
  • Comes with a water-proof cover
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Front compartment not theft-proof
  • Not TSA friendly
  • Expensive

Best Business Backpack with Style

Timbuk2 Parker Commuter Backpack


  • $219 at Amazon

Look professional and hit the gym afterward.

The Timbuk2 Parker Commuter Backpack will let you bring all the tools necessary to conduct business without making you look like a slouch.

Best lightweight business backpack: Douchebags Scholar Backpack


Don’t let the name of this company throw you off; they make great products. The Scholar backpack is a simple and very professional-looking bag that weighs only 1.65lbs. There are only three separate compartments total to keep it lightweight: two small pockets on the outside and one main compartment internally. The little pockets are great for things such as sunglasses, pens, or snacks.

The internal compartment is big enough for your computer and other devices, but it means some sacrifices to make the backpack lightweight. It’s not well-padded, and it doesn’t have any organizers inside. Everything is just floating around in the bag. It probably isn’t the best bag for traveling, but it is perfect for a quick afternoon business meeting.


  • Lightweight
  • Lots of style


  • Lack of compartments
  • Not padded
  • Not great for travel

Best lightweight business backpack

Douchebags Scholar Backpack


  • $119 at Amazon

Very lightweight backpack with a lot of style

A great-looking business backpack that is simple and stylish and is half the weight of most bags.

Best business backpack for charging: Mancro Business Backpack


From running errands throughout the day to covering a trade show, at some point, you’ll need to recharge your batteries. What happens if you don’t want to deal with carrying a portable charger around separately all day? That’s where the TYLT Lifestyle comes in. The company includes a 5,200mAh portable battery with the backpack and built-in cable guidance straps, so they don’t get tangled up.

If you need to carry around a laptop, most folks will be fine, thanks to the 15.6-inch compartment. This inner pocket is also padded, ensuring that no harm will come to your laptop while you’re out and about. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to keep your belongings from ending up in the hands of others with the included zipper lock.

The biggest hindrance to the Lifestyle bag is that the pockets aren’t exactly the biggest compared to others on this list. So while you will be able to carry the best laptops with you, it might be a tight squeeze if you need to throw in a tablet, along with anything else you need. And while this backpack has a built-in USB charging port on the outside, you’ll need to provide your own portable charger to give you the juice that you need.


  • Laptop compartment is padded
  • Built-in cable guidance straps
  • External USB port with included charging cable
  • Includes zipper lock


  • Only one large compartment
  • Does not include a portable charger

Best business backpack for charging

Mancro Business Backpack


  • $25 at Amazon
  • $32 at Walmart

Keep your devices charged up

The Mancro Business Backpack is a slim bag with included zipper locks and a USB charging port. You’ll just need to use your own charger.

Best business backpack for photographers: Manfrotto Manhattan Mover-30


Although the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is a fan-favorite amongst photographers, Manfrotto’s Manhattan Mover-30 is a well-laid out camera bag that doesn’t look techy. Instead, it’s very stylish with big compartments for your camera and multiple lenses. Plus, they’ve managed to squeeze pockets into every inch of this backpack without making it feel bulky.

The shoulder straps look a little flimsy, but they hold up, and the bag feels balanced when you’re wearing it. The computer compartment sits in the front of the backpack, which seems odd to me, but it works. So, your camera gear rests on your back. And thanks to a very cool padded hatch located on the back part of the backpack between the shoulder straps, you’re able to have fast and easy access to all of your camera gear simply by slipping one of your arms out of the bag.

While it’s awesome to have a backpack with more pockets than you can think of, you should be wary. Overloading the Manhattan Mover-30 with too much stuff can put stress on the zippers, opening the door to not opening or closing those pockets when you need them the most.


  • Able to hold two cameras
  • Lots of great pockets
  • Backpack can hold a lot of weight
  • Weather-proof cover


  • Computer compartment at the front
  • A full bag can put pressure on zippers
  • Shoulder straps not super comfortable

Best business backpack for photographers

Manfrotto Manhattan Camera Backpack Mover-50


  • $150 at Amazon
  • $150 at Walmart
  • $150 at B&H Photo

Heavy-duty camera bag

Carry everything you need to shoot, work, and edit on the go in any situation with a weatherproof cover to keep your gear safe.

Best business backpack for travelers: Targus CitySmart Advanced Laptop Backpack


More and more people are working remotely these days, and that means you need to have the right backpack to bring all of your work essentials. The Targus CitySmart Advanced Laptop Backpack is perfect for those traveling around or who need to catch a plane with only one bag. For laptops, the compartment will house up to a 15.6-inch laptop and folds out easily when you need to head through a TSA checkpoint.

As for the pockets, you’ll find a few additional compartments, with stash pockets placed in various areas of the bag for smaller items. There’s even another pocket near the top for quick access to your sunglasses or your smartphone. Targus even went so far as to provide an integrated trolley strap to throw this backpack on your suitcase to give your shoulders a break.

With a bag that’s clearly designed for traveling, we’re a bit disappointed to see that the zippers don’t lock into place. And while Targus did a great job with the padding on the back, the straps are a bit flimsy and could end up pulling on your shoulders if your bag is packed to the brim. Finally, if you were hoping for a built-in charging port to keep your phone or other devices charged, you may want to look elsewhere or rely on sticking a portable charger in a pocket of its own.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Checkpoint-friendly design
  • Integrated strap for easier travel
  • Separate and dedicated pockets for laptop and tablet


  • No locking zippers
  • No built-in charging port
  • Straps are a bit uncomfortable

Best business backpack for travelers

Targus CitySmart Advanced Laptop Backpack


  • $48 at Dell
  • $57 at Amazon
  • $60 at Walmart

The perfect backpack for the remote worker.

The Targus CitySmart Advanced Laptop Backpack offers plenty of pockets, makes airport checkpoints easy, and protects your gear.

Best business backpack for commuters: Samsonite Tectonic Backpack


Samsonite’s Tectonic Backpack is the ultimate option for folks who commute to work five days a week. There’s more space than you can shake a stick at, with compartments that can be collapsed to add more general storage to the bag. For laptop protection, there’s a dedicated compartment that can house a laptop up to 17 inches.

The Tectonic Backpack has plenty of internal and external pocket space, and the design is sleek while offering dual-zippered side pockets for quick access. Keeping with the design, there’s a convenient and rather wide strap on the top, making it easy to “grab and go” when you don’t have time to throw on the back straps.

Before you start heading out for long days away from home, be sure to take out your new backpack to wear it in. The straps are kind of stiff, and you could end up with some shoulder pains until things loosen up. Also, while it’s great that Samsonite included a built-in USB port, you’ll have to provide your own juice, as there’s no portable charger included.


  • Fits laptops up to 17 inches
  • Dual-zippered side pockets
  • Handle on the top for “grab and go” versatility
  • Built-in USB port


  • Shoulder straps feel stiff
  • Only two colors
  • No portable charger included

Best business backpack for commuters

Samsonite Tectonic Backpack


  • $90 at Amazon
  • $76 at Best Buy
  • $94 at B&H Photo

The perfect backpack for the remote worker

Get all of the space you could think of with the Samsonite Tectonic Backpack. This is not only perfect for commuters, but anyone who needs space.

Get the best business backpack to meet your needs

There are many backpacks out there, but the one we recommend for any on-the-go business person is the NOMATIC Travel Pack. Its unique professional design, robust functionality, and style make it our choice for the best business backpacks. The company even pushed an update to this series of backpacks, adding YKK zippers and durable material, ensuring that your new backpack will last you for the years to come.

Plus, with plenty of storage, a retractable key ring, and its adaptability, it’s the extras that put this bag in a league of its own. The key factors here are safety, durability, and functionality – and this backpack is the perfect fit for any business venture. There’s even a lifetime warranty, giving the peace of mind that your backpack is protected.

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