Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The larger, more powerful Apple Silicon iMac may not launch until 2022


Apple tipster @dylandkt on Twitter has predicted that the larger redesigned iMac with a Silicon chip is going to launch in 2022, as opposed to earlier speculations about it launching in the fourth quarter of 2021.

He claims that a probable reason behind this could be Apple attempting to boost M1X MacBook Pro’s sales, which are is set to release at the end of this year.

The high end iMac will release in 2022. 🙃

— Dylan (@dylandkt) July 23, 2021

Reportedly, the redesigned Apple Silicon iMac will leverage the same hardware as the MacBook Pros that are set to be launched soon. Provided this prediction is true, there could be a number of reasons why the company postponed the release, but Apple wanting to drive up the MacBook Pro’s sales seems to be the most obvious one.

Dylan says, “Apple simply does not want their devices to compete for attention and delays in product releases have led to this timetable.” Releasing both products around the same time could mean both of them may not receive the same amount of attention with one of the two products stealing the spotlight from the other.

Dylan has previously claimed that the M1X Apple Silicon is reserved for ‘Pro’ Macs that include both of the MacBook Pro models that are set to release later this year, specifically between September to November, and the redesigned high-end iMac that has most likely been postponed to be launched in 2022.

MacRumors reports that Bloomberg journalist, Mark Gurman, has echoed Dylan’s claim about the new iMac featuring the M1X or M2X chip, however, he has stayed silent about its release details.

The 24-inch iMac that was launched earlier this spring was the first iMac to host Apple’s own M1 chip. Hence, the upcoming versions sporting the M1X or the M2X chips will certainly be more powerful than the one that was released last year. The upcoming versions will also mirror a number of features that we saw in the last 24-inch version of the iMac. These include a thinner design, a better webcam, improved high-end mics, and smaller side and top bezels. Whether or not this larger, more powerful iMac will feature the large chin bezel is still unknown.

The same Apple leaker correctly predicted the next-gen iPad Pro to feature the M1 chip five months prior to its release. Still, these should all be considered rumors right now. We know Apple will eventually replace its Intel-powered 27-inch iMac, but the details are still to be confirmed. That includes whether or not Apple will re-adopt the “iMac Pro” moniker for this particular release.

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