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The best USB hubs for your PS4 or PS5

With accessories like hard drives, charging cables, flash drives, PlayStation Move controllers, and PSVR headsets fighting for life on your PS4 or PS5, you’ll find there just isn’t enough USB ports to go around. If you want to avoid endless amounts of cable swapping, you can easily remedy the problem with the best PS4 USB hub. Here are some of our favorites you can find right now.

Our pick

Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Unibody Aluminum Portable Data Hub


Staff Pick

It’s our favorite USB Hub for more than just the PS4. The Anker’s slim aluminum design and premium quality finish make it a great addition to your PS4 setup, and the four USB 3.0 ports give you high-speed access to more peripherals. It’s perfect for your PlayStation 5 as well.

$23 at Amazon

Give me moar!

Anker 7-port USB 3.0 hub


If three extra USB 3.0 ports aren’t enough for your peripheral crazed life, how about six more? The Anker seven-port hub is a powerhouse with a two-amp port for charging your smartphone while you play. These reasons alone make it the best PS4 USB hub to add to the ranks.

$50 at Amazon $50 at Walmart

Simple and cheap

Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Individual LED Power Switches


Were you looking to save money? Sabrent’s four-port USB 3.0 hub is affordable and does what you need — powers your USB-based peripherals and accessories. Maybe it doesn’t look as good on top of a PS4, but if you are on a tight budget, then there’s nothing better.

$12 at Amazon $12 at Walmart

Blend right in

Linkstyle 5 Port HUB


Unlike some other USB hubs on this list, Linkstyle’s product fits right onto the PS4, seamlessly extending the console and adding one USB 3.0 port for high-speed devices and four USB 2.0 ports for anything else. This will allow you to connect a multitude of things, and the device also allows for charging up to five USB accessories simultaneously.

$16 at Amazon

Aesthetic grace

Vertical Data Hub


This really isn’t different from any of the other hubs we have showcased here except for its looks. This really caught my eye, and I think it would look great in any room with your PS4, especially if your PS4 is white! And because of its color scheme, it’ll look amazing next to your PlayStation 5, with also sports a black/white pattern.

$17 at Amazon

An all-in-one solution

Skywin all-in-one stand


Why settle for just a USB hub? The Skywin stand houses every part of your PlayStation experience and charges everything as well. It then also has an extra set of USB ports to make the most of your PS4.

$40 at Amazon $40 at Walmart

Because you need more ports

The more you use your PlayStation console, the more you realize how essential USB ports are. Every accessory you can think of needs a way to connect to the console, so having a reliable hub is important. Our main recommendation is the Anker four-port USB hub, which is reasonably priced and gives you access to four USB 3.0 hubs to make your storage solutions as fast as possible. The fact that it’s a matte black aluminum is also a huge bonus since it’ll look great next to your console.

Do note that if you’re using this USB hub with a PS5, such as for hooking up your PSVR and expanding with external storage, so you’ve got more SSD space for the best PS5 games. You may run into issues. From the limited testing so far, external drives need to be plugged into the PS5 directly, so you should use the hub for connecting any PS5 headsets, charging DualSense controllers, and so on.

No matter which hub you go with, there are more than enough options to choose from, and there’s bound to be an option for whatever your current gaming setup requires.

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