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How to unlock and defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array in Genshin Impact


It’s not as simple as it may first appear, and you’ll need an Electro character in your party.

One of the best Genshin Impact characters to come to Genshin Impact in Update 2.0 was Kamisato Ayaka, a five-star Cryo sword user with an insane amount of damage output. In order to fully take advantage of her abilities, you’ll need Perpetual Hearts to ascend her past level 40. Perpetual Hearts are dropped by a new boss enemy, the Perpetual Mechanical Array, and it’s not at all intuitive on how to unlock this fight. It’s not as simple as finding its waypoint on the map, so we’ll walk you through how to unlock it.

No matter if you’re playing on mobile with one of the best Android phones or on PC or PS5, the steps remain the same.

How to unlock the Perpetual Mechanical Array


If you look at the map and find the Perpetual Mechanical Arrays location, you’ll notice it’s completely surrounded by water. Once you go out to that location, you won’t be able to find anything because it tells you it’s underneath the water somewhere. Seeing as Genshin Impact characters can’t dive, you need another plan. You actually have to go through a portal in order to access the battlefield, but thankfully it isn’t too difficult. Just make sure you have an Electro character in your party as they’re the only characters that can do this.

Make your way to the north of Narukami Island.

Use the Waverider boat to sail to Jinren Island.


Using an Electro character, summon the Electrogranum.


Keep pressing L1 and Square in order to catapult yourself up and through the portal.


You’ll be teleported to the battlefield with the Perpetual Mechanical Array.


Walk up to it and begin the battle.

There are multiple stages to the fight, and it packs quite a punch, so be prepared. It will transform into a rocket during the initial phase, launch orbital strikes, and slash out like a spinning top. After you deal enough damage, it will split off into four separate parts. You must defeat these four parts in order to weaken the Perpetual Mechanical Array and leave it vulnerable.

How to ascend Kamisato Ayaka


Kamisato Ayaka’s ascension materials vary between certain levels, but you’ll initially need Old Handguards, Sakura Bloom, and Shivada Jade Sliver to ascend past level 20. This isn’t where the Perpetual Mechanical Array comes into play. To ascend past level 40, you’ll need the usual materials along with a Perpetual Heart, and that can only be obtained by defeating the Perpetual Mechanical Arrays over level 30.


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New enemies await across the islands

Given that you need to be Adventure Rank 30 to make it to Inazuma, you should have no problem finding your way around and getting to the Perpetual Mechanical Array. It can be a difficult boss, but it’s well worth the fight for its loot.

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