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Boost your data analytics and visualization skills with this $30 online training bundle

Whether you realize it or not, “Big Data” is a pretty big deal. Big Data, for those who don’t know, is a data set so complex and massive that your standard data-processing software cannot process it.

Big data means large, diverse sets of information that grow at ever-increasing rates. Think in terms of the content stored on Facebook’s servers or the data Google gathers from smartphones and you’ll understand its scope.

As you can imagine, this has become increasingly important in today’s enterprise world. And with that, of course, come career opportunities.

Whether you are an aspiring data scientist, IT expert, or someone looking to change career paths, there’s plenty of room in the space. But to make any noise you’ll need to educate yourself. That’s where the Complete 2021 Microsoft Power BI Super Bundle comes in handy.

On sale for just $30 right now, this nine-course bundle provides more than 51 hours of self-paced training all under the umbrella of data analytics and visualization. That is to say it will make you a master at being able to look at data in informed ways as well skilled enough to manipulate and manage it, too.


  • Pull Data From Various Sources & Create Charts Out of That Data
  • Learn the Advanced Features of Power BI: Merging & Duplicating Queries, DAX, and Different kinds of Formatting & Design
  • Get Familiar with Power BI’s Interface, Connect to Data, & Publish Your Work
  • Build Interactive Dashboards Through Various Essential Visuals, Automate Commentaries, & Identify the Best Practices in Using Power BI
  • Manage Huge Amount of Data from Different Sources & Turn Them Into Great Reports and Dashboards with Powerful Visuals
  • Learn the Basics of Power BI, Use It with Real-World Examples, Get Insights from Data, & Create Your Own Dashboard
  • Create Stunning Reports & Dashboards and Develop Data Modeling Skills as a Highly Proficient Power BI User
  • Learn Effective Data Gathering & Visualization for Your Business
  • Be Equipped with All the Skills You Need to Start Using Power BI with Confidence

If managing, preparing, or analyzing data is something you want to do, you’d be wise to check out this deeply discounted bundle. You’ll go from. Further, if you’re looking to position yourself as the data expert in your office, this is where you ought to start.

Get Started Today!

The entire Complete 2021 Microsoft Power BI Super Bundle is yours for just $29.99, or a fraction of it’s normal value. Hurry, prices are subject to change.

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