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Best Golf Apps That Can Help You Improve Your Game

We’re living in a digital world – that’s a fact! There’s an app for everything, from counting calories to finding cheap travel.

If you enjoy getting out on the golf course as relaxation, why not take advantage of this digital craze and download an app (or 5) to help level up your golfing?

Here are the best golf apps that can help improve your game when used regularly.

Swing Analyzer: Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

You can get a pretty great swing analysis using this free app, especially if you wear an Apple watch. After every stroke, your watch will show you your hand speed, hand path, and tempo. You’ll also be able to track your swing consistency.

In order to get the best out of this app, though, you’ll need to invest in a Zepp Golf sensor, at $150. With the addition of the sensor, you’ll be able to analyze more advanced metrics like your backswing length and the ability to view your swing in 3D.

LPGA Tour Pro Michelle Wie lends her expertise to the Smart Coach program. It’s like having a pro swing coach in your pocket!

Android | iPhone.

GPS App: GolfShot

With half a million downloads just on Android, this is one of the most popular golfing apps out there.

The free app version uses GPS to track your every shot and you can also take note of which clubs you were using.

For a comprehensive experience, the paid version is well worth investing in, especially if you travel and play golf in many different places.

You’ll have access to real-time GPS and distance info of 40,000 courses throughout the world so you can be prepared for anything!

Other excellent features include instant club recommendations, awards for improvements, and discounts on GolfNow tee times.

Android | iPhone.

Best for Those Working with a Coach: Golf Coach

If you’re already working with a coach (or want to), this app is geared towards personalized coaching.

You can video your shots, capture your swing stats, set goals, and get feedback and a game plan from your coach. Coaches can also customize the app to provide the best experience for their students.

Android | iPhone.

Golf Rules: R&A Rules of Golf App

Understanding the rules of golf is vital for improving your game. If you’re new to the game or never really learned the intricacies of the rules, this app is a rulebook in your pocket.

It’s super handy to consult on-the-go. It has an easy visual search function that makes it simple to find the rule you’re looking for.

Be aware that the app is from 2019, but the rules still stand. This is an excellent app to bring your golfing rule knowledge up to scratch so you know exactly what you can and can’t do on the course.

Android | iPhone.

Most Comprehensive: 18Birdies

This app can be used as a digital scorecard, GPS, and a data tracker. Plan your every shot using the GPS data, and record your stats after every hole to see how you’re progressing.

As well as these free features, it has a comprehensive swing analysis tool in the paid version. Your AI coach will recommend swing drills tailored for you that you can practice at home or on the driving range.

The paid version also offers live weather updates, a caddy-in-your-pocket, and a blind shot compass for those hard-to-see holes.

Android | iPhone.


If golf is a regular part of your life and enjoyment, why not download a couple of apps that you’ll really get good use out of?

Not only do these goldapps give you valuable insight into your game, but they can motivate you to play more often and you should see your game steadily improving with regular use!


Jordan Fuller is a passionate golfer who takes every opportunity to play, coach, or mentor others. That’s why he created Golf Influence – to give everyone access to his top-class tips and tricks to improve their game.

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