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Tile Performance Pack Prime Day deal keeps track of your stuff, for less


Isn’t losing your stuff the worst! Thankfully, it’s Prime Day, and Amazon has awesome deals to help solve the problem of our lost items. Tile has been making some of the best Bluetooth trackers for years, and you can save 30% off the Tile Performance Pack. Slip the credit card-sized Slim into your wallet, clip the Pro tracker onto your keys, and never lose them again!

Tile Performance Pack


This Tile two-pack snags you both a Pro and a Slim Bluetooth tracker to help you keep tabs on your most essential items. The Slim is perfect for a wallet or purse and the Pro can be attached to your keys or almost anything else.

$42 at Amazon

Whether you’re a forgetful person and always misplacing things, your kids like to play with your keys and inevitably lose them, or you just want to be prepared if something gets lost, Tile trackers can help. Simply pair your tracker with the Tile app and attach it to whatever it is that you want to keep track of, and you’re covered.

With this deal, you are getting two of Tiles best that it offers in the Pro and Slim. Both work perfectly with your Google Assistant, Alexa, and soon Amazon’s Sidewalk program in harmony with the companion app on your phone to give you multiple ways to find anything your Tile is attached to.


Both the Pro and Slim trackers are work via Bluetooth to connect to your phone. Through the Tile app, you can tap a button to loudly ring your Pro from 400ft away and your Slim from 200ft. Should you be outside of Bluetooth range, thanks to the Tile network that securely and anonymously enlists other Tile users, you can see your tracker’s most recent location on a map. All of this is handled right from your phone with ease.

But what if you lose your phone — Tile has you covered here too. As long as you are in the Bluetooth range of your phone, you can double-press the button on your tracker, and it will make your phone ring, even on silent. The Slim has a three-year battery, and the Pro uses a replaceable coin battery that will get you a year of tracking. If you are looking for a different tracker style or want more than just two, we have deals to cover you there too.

Tile Pro 1-pack


$25 at Amazon

The Tile Pro offers the longest range of Tile’s options with 400ft. Then when that isn’t enough you can utilize the Tile Network to find your lost item.

Tile Mate + Slim 4-pack


$53 at Amazon

The Tile Mate and Slim can be found within a 200ft Bluetooth range and further when using the Tile Network. The Mate is perfect for keys and the Slim works great for a wallet.

Tile Mate 2-Pack


$34 at Amazon

Get up to 200ft of Bluetooth tracking range with the Tile Mate. The built-in loop makes it easy to attach to your keys or luggage to keep track of your most essential items.

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