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This Eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi kit covers 5,500 sq ft and is 40% off on Prime Day


Amazon’s Prime Day is a great time to grab an Eero mesh solution. There are a handful of great Eero deals as well as deals on a lot of other Amazon devices. If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading your Wi-Fi’s performance, it’s a good time to act.

The standard Eero is our favorite mesh Wi-Fi routers and the Eero Pro is an upgrade in nearly every way with a tri-band Wi-Fi 5 connection. The tri-band connection helps this router keep speeds high even with a fully loaded mesh. This Eero Pro system comes with an Eero Pro router and two Eero Beacons. The Beacons operate at a lower speed but can help deliver a consistent Wi-Fi connection to the furthest reaches of your home while only occupying the space of a single power outlet.

This pack is a good starter kit for a large house, and luckily, this Eero Pro mesh is a fairly massive 40% off for Prime Day. That’s $128 off of the sticker price.

Eero Pro mesh Wifi system (1 Pro + 2 Beacons) | $128 off at Amazon


The Eero Pro mesh system can cover up to 5,500 square feet with a tri-band Wi-Fi 5 router and two dual-band Beacons. Eero recommends this kit for internet connections up to 350Mbps though if you’re connected to the main Eero Pro router, you can get well over 500Mbps. The Beacons make up for their lower speed with their compact size and easy setup. Simply plug the Beacon into a wall socket and set it up in the Eero app.

$191 at Amazon

This Eero system is configured out of the box to deliver consistent coverage over a huge area rather than delivering the best raw speeds. For most people, this is a worthwhile compromise. While the Beacons aren’t as fast as other Eero nodes, we had no trouble streaming 4K and browsing in our Eero Beacon review.


The Eero Pro router in this pack has a tri-band Wi-Fi 5 connection capable of AC2200 speeds. This breaks down to around 867Mbps on the 5GHz bands and just shy of 500Mbps on the 2.4GHz band. Keep in mind that one of these 5GHz bands will spend most of its time maintaining the link between Eero nodes.

The Beacons, in contrast, have a dual-band Wi-Fi 5 connection operating at AC1300. Since it’s dual-band, it will need to share its 5GHz band between devices and the mesh connection. The vast majority of the time, your download speeds will stay under 400Mbps though, for most people, this is more than enough. If you need more speed, there are plenty of other options within the Eero line.

Eero has four main routers with the Eero Pro and Eero offering Wi-Fi 5 speeds while the Eero Pro 6 and Eero 6 take things up to Wi-Fi 6. The nice thing about Eero is that all of these can work together in nearly any configuration. For the best performance, you’ll want a mesh made up completely of the Pro Eeros, each with two Ethernet ports. Luckily Prime Day also has sales on most Eero kits — a three-pack of Eero Pros is 30% off for a total of $349.

Eero 6 is more comparable to the standard Eero in design but thanks to the newer Wi-Fi 6 connection, it has a top speed of AX1800 even with a dual-band connection, which is a lot more than the Wi-Fi 5 Eero’s AC1300 connection. If you have Wi-Fi 6 devices and think you could use the extra speed, Eero 6 is a great value as well. Eero 6 extenders are identical to Eero 6 routers in most ways but have no Ethernet ports for wired devices.

Eero Pro 3-pack | 30% off at Amazon


$349 at Amazon

If you need your Eero Pro speeds throughout the entire house, a three-pack can keep speeds high even when nodes connect to nodes thanks to a second 5GHz band on each one. With three Eero Pros, you can cover a massive 6,000 square feet with AC2200 speeds.

Eero 6 (1 router + 2 extenders) | 35% off at Amazon


$181 at Amazon

Eero 6 with one router and two extenders is the best Eero mesh kit for those that have ditched any wired connections and only need great Wi-Fi 6 coverage. Eero 6 routers are dual-band AX1800 connections so Eero still only recommends these for 500Mbps internet connections.

Eero 6 (3 routers) | 36% off at Amazon


$226 at Amazon

Three Eero 6 routers offer nearly identical performance to the router and two extenders pack but now each Eero 6 has two Ethernet ports on the back. This can be great if you want to put one in a home office or with an entertainment center with wired devices. This also allows you to use a completely wired mesh link if you already have a home wired for gigabit Ethernet.

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