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Resume Writing Services: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Your resume now needs to be reviewed and rewritten by an expert. As a result of the Internet’s growth, resume writers have grown as well. When you Google professional resume writing services, a never-ending list of results will appear.

What are some good ways to sort through the options and find services that are going to give you real leverage in your career? During your initial research, there are a few handy pointers to keep in mind regarding which resume services are good versus bad.

Here are some major warning signs to avoid:

Provides a day-to-day turnaround

Find out how long you can expect to wait for your resume to be completed. Are you willing to wait weeks before getting a fully polished version of your resume? Or are you looking for a service that offers a day-to-day turnaround time? Make sure that you will receive a brand new, fully polished version of your resume within the allotted amount of time. If it is indeed possible for a resume writing service company to do this, make sure that they have done it before.

False reviews, no reviews, etc.

Most people will check the reviews section first when choosing a service, and with good reason. Reviews can give a very good indication of overall customer satisfaction. The reviews that are most likely to be faked have general names, use of generic language, repeated phrases, and questionable spelling and grammar. If you find a resume writing service that does not have any customer reviews, proceed with caution. If you find a service that has a fair amount of reviews, but they are all five stars (or all 1 star) rated, it is likely that the reviews were written by the company itself or by fake reviewers.

Incompetency or lack of credibility

When looking for a company, make sure you check their knowledge and experience.

Does their website have a blog that displays thought leadership in their field? Do they have evidence of professional resume writing experience? If you notice that a resume writing service has a large number of exclamation points and sensationalized buzzwords in their marketing, take it with a grain of salt. All of these things give you an indication of the quality you can expect. If you notice that a resume writing service has a large number of exclamation points and sensationalized buzzwords in their marketing, take it with a grain of salt.

When hiring a professional resume writer, what should you expect to find?

It is very rare these days to find a resume writer that doesn’t have some type of specialization or area of expertise. If you have a specific industry or occupation in mind, look for a service that will cater to your needs.

Included in the package are personal consultations.

That means you’ll get a better sense of what companies want when they see your resume. If a writer is able to offer comprehensive consultation, they will then be invested in your experience and committed to highlighting your achievements. No extra charge should be required for a consultation with a resume writer. Find services that will include consultations within the package price.

Included in the package are references.

Resume writing professionals should be able to provide you with at least three different references that you can contact. This should include executives from the top firms and employers in your industry.

High-quality service for an affordable price

When companies have low prices, they are either cutting corners or providing low-quality services. You should be able to find a service with solid reviews that is affordable. There are many resume writing services that will give you a free resume review, but you should not expect one at the time of purchase.

Great brand

As customers, we tend to be very picky about companies and products. If a company is well-known in the industry, it usually means that it is doing a great job. This is very similar to picking an expert who has experience with your industry and needs. Also, see what the company’s online branding looks like. It is important to hire someone who practices what they preach, so these minute details are crucial.

Looking into the cheapest/fastest/most convenient resume service is a great place to start. If you keep your options available within reach along the way, you’ll save time and money in the long run.

As you can see, it is important to hire a professional resume writer in order to secure job interviews or the position you desire. Ending unemployment requires strengthening the economy and finding jobs for people. Finding a service will help you a lot more knowing what qualities to look for. We hope this article was able to help serve as a guide when it comes to finding the right service for your needs!

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