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On Prime Day, keep in mind not all kids tech is created equal



By keeping a few key things in mind while shopping for kids tech on Prime Day you’ll be sure to pick a winner.

With Prime Day firing on all cylinders, like many other parents, I am on the lookout for great deals to save money on things for my family as well as a little something here or there for myself. Amazon has some pretty incredible savings opportunities on tech for kids. However, when buying a gadget for your kid, especially when it’s a connected device, there are some things to keep in mind. Here are a few ways to ensure an enjoyable and safe time when buying kids tech during Prime Day.

Tips for kids tech on Prime Day: Parental controls


This tip primarily applies only to connected devices, but it is the most important one to remember. Depending on your child’s age, the level of parental controls needed will vary as much as the item you are buying will. While most connected devices aimed towards children abide by the various laws put into place to help protect your child, you’ll want to be sure that there is some form of companion service that allows you to monitor the device directly.

The fantastic Amazon Fire Kids tablets are that way due not only because of the excellent pricing and hardware, but also its top-of-the-line software. The additional layer of software that makes its Fire tablet a kids tablet is called Amazon Kids and Kids+. This service ensures the content and interface age-appropriate for your child and allows you to set guidelines for use. The great thing is that no matter which Amazon Fire Kids tablet you decide on, it’s going to have excellent parental controls.


Of course, Amazon and its Kids Fire tablets aren’t the only devices you may be on the lookout for during Prime Day. You may be ready to purchase your child’s first smartphone. There are a lot of excellent phones for kids, and with that, you’ll be looking at setting up an account for your child through Google’s Family Link. Family Link is the hub for parents to ensure that their kid has a safe experience when using their own Google account.

Regardless of what kind of internet-connected device you get your child, make sure high-quality parental monitoring options are available to keep them safe.

If you notice, I said Google account and not phone specifically, and that’s because those parental monitoring features spread to other types of devices too. Perhaps you are looking to get in on the best Prime Day deals for Chromebooks for your child or maybe an excellent Android kids tablet — if your child’s Google account is on it, Family Link will be there for you.

Tips for kids tech on Prime Day: Usability and experience


Much like the necessary levels of parental controls for kids tech, device usability will vary for your child too. You won’t necessarily want to pick up the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet for your three-year-old because it’s probably not going to be the best fit for them — both physically and software interface.

Being sure that you find something that matches your child’s physical requirements and technological savvy is vital in ensuring both their engagement and enjoyment. Take kids smartwatches, for example. There are plenty of options out there, but like grown-up wearable experiences, not all are the same — and some are downright bad.


Kids these days are very attuned to using technology, and even they have certain expectations of how something should work. When those expectations aren’t matched, it causes them confusion and frustration leading you to the same feelings. Smartwatches like that Omage O6L Pro and Xplora X5 Play offer some excellent service perks along with phenomenal hardware but fall short in the experience department both for the kid and parent. Whereas choices like the TickTalk 4 and Gizmowatch 2 provide more complete experiences along with solid hardware.

While the example of a kids smartwatch is pertaining to a relatively complex piece of tech, the sentiment applies to non-connected gadgets too. Kids tech doesn’t have to be fancy and elaborate for a child to find joy in it because most of the time, the less complicated, the more fun — cardboard boxes? Make sure to consider your child’s specific abilities and match those up with tech that best fits them, and you’ll be sure to end up with a great purchase.

Tips for kids tech on Prime Day: Don’t overthink it


Remember your audience — a child. While the two tips mentioned before are important, don’t let them cause you to over-complicate the choice. After checking the boxes for safety and usability, unless you are in the market for an educational-focused device, and even then, keeps joy as the primary driver behind the decision.

Technology can do so many wonderful things for both kids and adults. Keep in mind how you like to use your technology when you aren’t using it for work or the news. These devices can expand and fulfill a child’s imagination, help them learn amazing things, and bring out some of the best giggles.


After you do a bit of research to make sure that the product and the company have the proper tools available to help you keep your child safe whileonline, think of how your child will use the tech. Does it fit their physical needs, and will they be able to understand its interface? Once those two important items have been addressed, make sure the device you are considering will be fun too!

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