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Most AC readers prefer to use the default weather app on their phones

Taking the temperature of our readers.


What you need to know

  • Android Central readers responded to a poll over the holiday weekend about which weather apps they use on their phones.
  • The majority of respondents said they used the default weather app pre-installed on their devices.
  • AccuWeather was the top third-party weather app chosen, and there were a number of popular “write-in” votes as well.

Believe it or not, it’s already June, which means increased temperatures and (hopefully) more time spent out in nature. Given how important things like temperature and precipitation are to our outdoor plans, we thought it might be interesting to poll our readers on what their go-to weather apps are.

When we asked our readers this weekend what their favorite weather app on Android was, the majority of respondents — over 43% — said, “other/whatever is preinstalled on my phone. The most popular third-party app by far was AccuWeather at nearly 38%, which was followed by Today Weather at almost 14%, and 1Weater at just over 6%. Other popular weather apps mentioned by our readers included Carrot, WeatherBug, Weawow, and The Weather Channel.

What Android weather app do you rely on?

Reader Bigtymer said they were a fan of the 1Weather app because the “variety of widgets got me,” while Alterna22 said they loved “the MinuteCast feature of Accuweather.”

Waqqas31 made a case for why Weawow should have been on the poll:

Weawow is my weather app. It’s accurate, informative, well-designed, functional, free, AND ad-free. It also has great widgets.

And Tony Pullano argued that Shadow Weather should’ve made the cut as well.

If you are a weather junkie, you’ll love it. Found it after searching for a Dark Sky replacement. Accurate, and has all the bells and whistles and detail you need.

Our respondents had a lot to say about this on Twitter as well, including an obvious omission from our poll — Google’s At a Glance weather widget (gotta love the frog!).

Google weather, I have a home screen shortcut.

— Stephen Kirkpatrick (@sgkirkpatrick) May 29, 2021

We may still be nearly a month away from the official start of summer, but in reality, many of us are already starting to experience extreme temperatures and weather phenomenah. If we missed your favorite weather app, drop a comment below so we can include it next time around!