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Make your sure your Sony Xperia 1 II can handle everything with these cases


There are a lot of options for the best Sony Xperia 1 II cases, even though Sony doesn’t have a huge fanbase here in the U.S. Thanks to its sleek design and flagship specs, the Xperia 1 II is already a contender for the best Android phone. Add in the triple-camera array on the back with a few “borrowed” features from Sony’s Alpha cameras, and this is one of the best Android video cameras. With a smartphone this promising, you’ll definitely want to keep it protected, and these are the best cases for your new phone.

Easy to pick

Spigen Rugged Armor Case


Staff Pick

The Spigen Rugged Armor has everything you need for a solid and lightweight case. Made from TPU, the Rugged Armor is built to withstand drops, and the carbon fiber design is familiar and still looks great. There’s also some additional padding in all four corners for even more shock absorption.

$12 at Amazon

Familiar protection

CruzerLite Carbon Fiber Case


CruzerLite cases used to be all the hype back in the day, but now the company settles for making solid TPU covers for your devices. The Carbon Fiber option is one of the best Sony Xperia 1 II cases, thanks to the fact that it sports a textured design to reduce smudges and fingerprints, while the raised edges remove concerns about screen damage when placing your phone face down.

$9 at Amazon

Barely there

Anccer Ultra-Thin Cover


Nobody likes having cases that add a bunch of bulk, especially if you want to avoid scratching your new phone. That’s where the Anccer Ultra-Thin Cover comes in. It measures just 0.3mm thick while covering all four corners and the two sides. There are even cutouts for your volume and power buttons, along with the open design at the bottom for your charger.

$12 at Amazon

Get grippy

Entaifeng Grippy Cover


Keep your phone in your hand, and don’t let it slip with the Entiafeng Grippy Cover. This case is available with five different patterns, but all of them are designed to add grip to your Xperia 1 II. The case itself is made from TPU and is not only eco-friendly but also offers great shock absorption.

$6 at Amazon

Familiar and clear

Spigen Liquid Crystal


With the Spigen Liquid Crystal, you’ll get a slim and form-fitted case for your Xperia 1 II. This makes it easy to hold, adds a little bit of grip, and allows you to show off that sleek design. Plus, Spigen reinforced those buttons so they remain tactile yet protected from anything that may happen.

$11 at Amazon

Ultimate flexibility

PULEN Flexible Bumper


This TPU Bumper from PULEN gives you that classic Carbon Fiber look without adding a ton of weight to your Xperia 1 II. All four corners feature reinforced TPU padding for added shock absorption, and the front edges of the case are raised to battle against micro-scratches that may occur when placing your phone face down.

$7 at Amazon

Get a wallet

Foluu Slim Leather Wallet Case


It’s all fine and dandy to get a wallet case that looks like the same wallet you would put in your pocket, but the Foluu Slim Leather Wallet lets you leave the old wallet at home. There’s a single card slot on the inner flap while keeping your phone protected in the built-in TPU bumper.

$11 at Amazon

Keep it simple

Kwmobile TPU Case


Keeping things simple doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. The Kwmobile TPU case is made of soft, flexible TPU rubber that offers a smooth, grip-friendly feel and provides cushioning and shock-absorption should accidents happen. The slim design is a perfect and convenient fit that includes cutouts for buttons, ports, and cameras.

$9 at Amazon

Slim and tacky

CoverON FlexGuard


CoverON’s FlexGuard case is made from a premium TPU material that adds the necessary shock absorption that you want, along with making the case grippier. There are raised edges around the display and camera module for added protection from scratches, and the FlexGuard does all of this while maintaining a slim and low-profile design.

$8 at Amazon

Rough and tough

LiuShan Combo Hybrid Case

Some need a basic case that doesn’t offer much protection, but others need something more substantial. That’s where the LiuShan Combo Hybrid Case comes in with its rugged design. The case comes in two pieces: a soft TPU inner shell and a hard polycarbonate shell to add even more protection. Plus, there’s a built-in kickstand when it’s time to kick back and chill.

$9 at Amazon

Like a tank

LOVE MEI Heavy Duty Case


It’s not often you find a case with three layers of protection, but that’s where the LOVE MEI Heavy Duty Case comes into play. With the combination of aluminum, silicone, and tempered glass, your Xperia 1 II is sure to withstand anything you throw at it, and then some. This thing is built like a tank and can keep your new phone trucking along with no problems.

$33 at Amazon

Reinforced protection

BiubiuCase Metal Frame Case


When it comes to finding the best Sony Xperia 1 II cases, one major requirement is protection. The BiubiuCase Metal Frame Case does a great job at protecting with its frame made from an aluminum alloy, along with the unique installation process that helps keep it secure. While the volume buttons are covered, there is a cutout for the Power Button so that you can still use the fingerprint scanner to unlock your device.

$27 at Amazon

Perfect fit

Olixar Sentinel


It can be tough to find a case and screen protector that works well together. With the Olixar Sentinel, that won’t be an issue since it provides both pieces of the puzzle. Although you’ll have to install the screen protector yourself, Olixar offers a two-year warranty if you incorrectly install it or if the screen protector shatters.

$20 at Amazon

Premium wallet

32nd Series Book Wallet Cover


If you’re trying to cut back on the number of things you have to remember before you leave the house, then you probably want a wallet case. The 32nd Series Book Wallet Cover is sleek, comes in two different colors, and has a magnetic closure to ensure the flap doesn’t accidentally open.

$12 at Amazon


Kalibri Wallet Case


This shockproof and durable wallet case comes with a genuine leather book-style cover that looks elegant and protects against daily wear and scratches. The case even has a kickstand feature to make watching movies on a long flight or commute easier. You can squeeze a credit card and some cash in the case without worrying about it opening up, thanks to its magnetic closure.

$24 at Amazon

Protect your investment with the best Sony Xperia 1 II cases

Simply searching for a good case to go with your new Sony Xperia 1 II can be tough, as there are many options to choose from. However, those who want a basic yet protective case will want to check out the Spigen Rugged Armor. This case sports a familiar carbon fiber design while offering great shock absorption and a tactile response for your buttons. The brushed finish on the back of the case will help improve the overall grip, leaving your phone in your hand where it belongs.

Sometimes, it’s imperative to consolidate your everyday accessories, which can easily be done with the Kwmobile TPU Case. This case offers a slim design for a perfect and convenient fit that includes cutouts for buttons, ports, and cameras. It not only looks good, but it houses your phone in a TPU bumper to provide some added protection.

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