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Kia Cerato: Specification and Review

The Kia Cerato is one of the most successful hatchbacks in the world. The Kia brand originated from Korea and is very popular there. As such, the company has branched out into several other markets including the United States, Canada, and even Japan. The Cerato is a very well-equipped vehicle. Offering excellent off-road performance and durability. This vehicle also provides excellent utility. It can also compete with some of the luxury hatchbacks on the market today.

Kia Cerato Specifications

1. Engine Power

The Kia Cerato was the very first hatchback body style to offer the new V-tec platform, an improved version of the old GDM engine. The new engine offered improved fuel economy as well as greater performance. The hatchback body styles offered by the Kia Cerato are well equipped and offer great handling.

If you are searching for a better, more luxury sedan, consider the Kia Cerato Touring Sedan. With all-wheel drive and five-door sedan trim levels, this vehicle offers a unique blend of features that makes it stand out from the rest. Available in both manual and automatic transmission, the Touring model has all the standard options.

2.         Interior

All-wheel drive can be standard or with an electronic limited-slip differential, while the five-door sedan has standard features such as a power window, headlamps, alloy wheels, leather seats, and Sunroof. The leather-wrapped dash is also standard but gives it’s interior a nice look and feel.

3.         Drive Terrain

For some consumers, the best way to get around town is by using their vehicle as a commuter. The Kia Cerato Clarity is designed to handle the rigors of city driving, thanks to its powerful engine and sporty nature.

Equipped with a 5.3-liter sedan body style, the Clarity utilizes Kia’s newest dual-pipe exhaust system to help maximize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Standard on the Clarity is two TRD intercooled gas tanks.

4.         Price

Before adding expenditures like fuel, licensing, and wear and tear, it bears a list price of$30,490, resulting in an estimated drive-away price of around $34,300.


Kia is a South Korean company that produces high-quality vehicles. In this Kia Cerato review, we take a look at the Cerato premium and see if it is worth the investment. One of the things that set this car apart from others is the Cerato premium. With this premium comes extra features and the ability to have a two-door car. The reviews are all good so far and this should be a decent car for anyone looking for one.

The Kia Cerato is a small car. When you drive one of these, you have to understand that it is not much more than a standard car. It has the basic features that any small car should have, such as the standard brakes, transmission, and everything else that you would expect. From here the company has built the Kia Cerato with some serious extras. This is one of the biggest complaints against small cars but when added to a nice ride and the looks it can be hard to knock off.

When looking at reviews online, you will find that most people give the same positive comments about the Cerato. It does drive well and the weight distribution is great. Many owners find it to be a very easy vehicle to get on the road with. If you are looking for a small luxury vehicle that has a lot to offer and a great ride then the Kia Cerato may be what you are looking for.

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