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How to Maintain Your Electric Bikes

Have you recently gotten on the electric bike train and want to know how best to keep your new electric bike in prime condition? In this article, we shall explain how best to care for and maintain your electric bike, covering all issues such as the basics, caring for your battery, frames, chains, and routine maintenance checks. If you follow everything listed in this maintenance guide, your electric bike would always be in the very best condition.

Caring for your battery

Always keep your battery full, while this seems like common knowledge, many people are guilty of letting their battery drop a bar or two without charging, especially after a ride. You should always charge your battery after a ride, NEVER letting it sit for a few days without charging. The reason for this is that Lithium batteries perform better when they are always charged fully.

If you want to work on the drivetrain or the motor, first unplug the battery to prevent it from getting bad in case anything goes wrong. Unplugging the battery also saves you from electrocution if anything were to go wrong.

Cleaning your frame

A lot of people neglect this vital part of caring for their electric bike, however, you should do this because letting all that grime and dirt build up and starts eating away at your paint job. This, in turn, makes your frame susceptible to rusting and breaking. 

You shouldn’t use just any cleaning liquid to clean your frame though, because different paints have different reactions to cleaning liquids. Refer to your owner’s manual and check the type of paint used, then find a cleaning agent that works well with it. If you cannot find your manual, a safe bet and recommendation is a low-grade cleansing agent.

Use a soft cloth and the chosen cleaning agent to wipe your frame frequently and it will maintain its fresh look longer. To prevent your paint finish from having scratches, hose off any mud you acquired during your ride before you begin wiping. Getting a bike brand with a quality frame is important and we recommend the bikes on offer at KBO Bike.

Caring for your Chain and levers

You should lubricate the chains, derailleur, cables, and levers after cleaning the frame of your electric bike. 

You should follow the following steps to lubricating your bike chain:

· Clean the area to be treated, ensuring that it is free from dirt and grime.

· Place your electric bike on a stand.

· You should collect any excess lube by placing a rag under the chain.

· Stand a few centimeters from the derailleurs wheel and apply your preferred bike chain lube directly onto the chain’s inner surface.

· Slowly turn the real wheel as you apply the chain lube, this ensures thorough lubrication as opposed to simply applying the chain lube to the top of the electric bicycle chain.

· When finished, wipe away all excess chain lube with a clean rag.

When your chain is well lubricated, it keeps your electric bike functioning well, giving it a smoother and quieter ride. 

Storing your electric bike

The most important thing here is to keep your electric bike dry, clean, and with a full charge. You should spend 10 minutes after each ride inspecting for damage and then cleaning your electric bike. While this might seem stressful, it is the best way to ensure that your electric bike is always ready for another ride.

Never store your electric bike in a damp or humid area as it will cause corrosion in the electrical components of your electric bike which would lead to further problems.

Checkpoints before going for a ride

· Check your tire pressures. There is a MIN and MAX value indicated on your tire, ensure the pressure is between them.

· Check your brakes.

· Check the battery: Do you have a full charge or enough to take you to the end of your ride? Is the battery properly secured to the frame?

· Check your chain: Ensure it is well-oiled and clean.

· Check your bolts: Long hours riding can make your bolts vibrate and become loose, check the bolts and tighten the ones that need tightening.

Professional Help

Finally, no matter the amount of maintenance you perform by yourself, you should take your electric bike to a professional for a check regularly. These professionals would fix any underlying problem before it leads to a disaster, as well as true your wheels, tune your brakes, and give your frame a professional wipe down.

Not every bike repair shop is experienced with electric bikes, so you must check directly with the service providers in your neighborhood to find a match for you. Once you find the perfect bike repair shop, you must set up a routine maintenance plan, this might differ ranging anything from every 3 months to every 1 year depending on the kind of electric bike you have.

Once this schedule is set up, ensure you stick to it religiously as these visits would save you from more costly visits if they are ignored. The Step-Thru Commuter Electric Bike from KBO Bike is a popular option and is easy to find a professional experienced in tuning it.

Miscellaneous tips

· Never put your electric bike upside down as most bikes have buttons on the handlebars, and this puts all the bike weight on those buttons.

· Do not over-tighten the bolts, stick to the torque settings for a torque wrench.

· The pressure of the tires should be adjusted according to the trail and conditions. Overinflated tires in a muddy trail would have you on the ground in no time.

· Never remove the motor because the cables might get pinched and disconnected.

· Clean and lightly grease the plug port of your batteries.

Following the advice listed in this electric bike maintenance guide would ensure you have a smooth ride always and your electric bike stays in pristine condition. Happy riding!

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