Saturday, July 20, 2024

Get this gorgeous Nixplay digital frame for 30% off during Amazon Prime Day


I’ve never been a big fan of digital frames. I’ve just never found them to have the right aesthetic to homes. I also find the idea of having to update the photos tedious, and sometimes I’m just a very lazy person to do so.

But then I saw that for Amazon Prime Day the Nixplay digital picture frame was on sale and I also noticed how nice the frame looked. Not only that, I did some reading and learned that the frame is super easy to update with photos.

The frame is 30% off for $130. That’s a really good deal considering the frame is originally $180.

Nixplay 10.1 Inch Smart Digital Picture Frame | 30% off at Amazon


This is the way digital photo frames should be, high resolution and connected to Google Photos. The Nixplay frame is always up-to-date, and sharing photos to family members frames is simple too.

$130 at Amazon

The frame itself is matte black and has a classic rectangle shape to it. This to me is great because it will literally fit in any aesthetic you’re looking for in your home. The frame is 10.1 inches with a high-resolution display so you can show off all your photos from your Google Photos account.

One of the really cool features of this frame is that you can securely send photos and photo playlists to another family member that has the same frame. And even if you’re not a Google Photos user, you can connect the frame to your Facebook, Instagram, or Dropbox via the Nixplay website.

And maybe you don’t like this digital display, which is totally fine, because you’ll likely be able to find one that you like as part of the best Amazon device deals that are currently available.

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