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GameSir’s fantastic mobile controller is discounted for a steal

Prime Day has deals on all of the best mobile gaming accessories you could ever want, including controllers. Not every game is built with touch controls in mind, so it’s paramount that you have a good controller to be able to play it with ease. That’s where items like the Razer Kishi — also discounted for Prime Day — and GameSir X2 models come in.

Normally priced at $100, the GameSir X2 USB-C mobile gaming controller is just $60 today, a savings of 40%. Through its spring-loaded design, it can stretch up to 167mm, fitting most phones with a USB-C connection. It also boasts extreme low power consumption, so although it’s completely powered by your phone, it won’t drain its battery.

GameSir X2 USB-C mobile controller | $40 off at Amazon


GameSir’s mobile controllers give the Razer Kishi a run for its money. Compatible with nearly any new phone — so long as it connects through USB-C — you won’t have to worry about your device being too big or too small. Use it with Xbox Game Pass for Android and get started playing your favorite games through the Cloud.

$60 at Amazon

I don’t have the USB-C model myself, but I did have the opportunity to review the GameSir X2 Bluetooth model recently, and definitely feel like the X2 lineup features some of the best mobile gaming controllers. Its ergonomic design is comfortable for long hours of use, and the soft rubber grips on the back make it so that you won’t lose your grip. And if you’re worried about the USB-C port not being aligned correctly for your phone, don’t be. The connection has an adjustable range of up to 51°, so you can plug in and out without damaging your phone.

Using a dedicated mobile gaming controller really does make a huge difference when you’re playing games on your phone. No matter if you get this or the Razer Kishi, you’re getting an excellent product. And there’s no better time to buy than when it’s on sale.

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